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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


11/26/2013, #51, 4th Quarter 2013

Now behold, one came and said to him, "Good Teacher, what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?" So he said to him, "Why do you call me good? No one is good but One, that is, God. But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments." He said to him, "Which ones?" Jesus said, "'You shall not murder,' 'You shall not commit adultery,' 'You shall not steal,' 'You shall not bear false witness,' 'Honor your father and your mother,' and, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' " The young man said to him, "All these things I have kept from my youth. What do I still lack?" Jesus said to him, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me." But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions. (Matthew 19:16-22)
      Lord Jesus, so many of us are deceived by the cares and riches of this world and your word is chocked within us and we become unfruitful. (See Matthew 13:22) In your mercy come among us and clear away all the weeds and thorns that keep us from bearing fruit for your kingdom.

having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever, because "All flesh is as grass, And all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers, And its flower falls away, But the word of the LORD endures forever." Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you. (1 Peter 1:23-25)
      Holy Spirit, let your word endure forever in our hearts. Much is passing away that was beautiful, but we ask that you endure in us. Thank you.

The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knows those who trust in him. (Nahum 1:7)
      Father, thank you for your goodness. Please help me trust more and more as each day goes by. Thank you for knowing me.

The LORD shall preserve you from all evil; he shall preserve your soul. The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore. (Psalm 121:7-8 )
      LORD, thank you.

A word received: Look to me for help.

Tuesday: [120], 121, 122, 123 * 124, 125, 126, [127]; Nahum 1:1-13; 1 Pet. 1:13-25; Matt. 19:13-22
Wednesday: 119:145-176 * 128, 129, 130; Obadiah 15-21; 1 Pet. 2:1-10; Matt. 19:23-30

      Notes from the Front Line

Daily: For our Bishop and for the Lord to raise up apostolic priests
November 26 Non-parochial Clergy

***** 11/25 12:05 - 1:10 pm, State Street Schenectady, Carol MacNaughton, Mark Pasko and guitar, Cold, very little foot traffic
+--indicates received a wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina
H--indicates a hat given

Lee (woman) prayers for her diabetes

H+ Harry - blessing

H+ Rahm (man, came to table in the summer with his kids) - blessing

***** PRAYER TABLE REPORT, ST. ANN's OF AMSTERDAM, (Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013; 11:30-12:30 in the Parish Hall during monthly Community Meal. Anne DeGroff and Deacon Alan Hart presiding at His table.)

a--anointed with Holy Oil.
t -- received one of Dennis Adams' (North Carolina) wooden crosses.
f -- accepted free non-perishable food we are offering.
c -- accepted winter clothes items we are offering.

a-- WOMAN (no name) -- Feeling very weepy, down-spirited after a recent run of bad luck which included an auto accident. We prayed for a return to good health and good spirits.

f, c -- MARGARET -- This lively middle-aged woman was bursting with joy. She simply wanted to thank the Lord for all He has done for her and her family. She also asked for prayers for her good friend SHARON, who is waiting for a refill of oxygen for her tank.

c -- RONALD -- Was grateful to receive gloves and a hat. AT first he declined prayer, but then accepted prayer for his health and protection.

c, f -- EMILIO -- This pleasant man asked for prayer for continued good health. He is a veteran who served on the same Naval vessel as John McCain.

c,f -- WOMAN -- Gratefully took warm winter gloves, a hat and some food. "Thank you SO much!" she said. We prayed for her safety and protection.


(Monday, Nov. 25, 2013; 10-11 a.m. in front of our church on Division Street. Very, very cold but at least there was no wind. It was 18 degrees at the start of the table. Many people on the street this day as the Masonic Lodge across the street was serving a turkey dinner in observance of Thanksgiving, so more people than usual were out and about. Deacon alan Hart presiding at His table.)

ETHEL -- She is a regular who walks all over Amsterdam delivering food to needy family members and friends. We prayed for her continued good health and safety. Last winter she fell on one of our steep sidewalks a quarter of a mile or so away.

f,c -- REBECCA -- Prayed in thanksgiving that her nephew MICHAEL (two years old) is doing better now. Last week he was at the table after visiting the doctor for treatment for spider bites on his face. He is ALL better now!

c -- WOMAN IN CAR -- She stopped right in front of the table; left the car running and came over to get winter clothing. She was very grateful and said "God bless you and your church!"

c -- DAVID -- This man is a Viet Nam veteran who is always witnessing to other veterans to come closer -- or back -- to Christ. He asked for prayer against "false prophets" in our midst who are not really centered in the Gospels.

t,t,c,f -- BIANCA -- She has come the last two weeks after being "afraid" to come in the past. She asked for prayer for continued good health.

c,f -- MAN and WOMAN (no names) -- Gratefully stopped the car, got out and took food and clothing. Prayed for them as they got back in the car and drove away.

***** Christ Church Coxsackie is hosting an evening of revival at the church, 70 Mansion St., Coxsackie, NY, 12051, 7pm, Friday, 12/13. There will be worship, encouraging message and healing prayer, seeking God as we are led by the Lord. The message will be given by Jennifer Greenhall of Ascended Life Ministries All are welcome. Bring an unsaved friend. God is EXCELLENT, for all eternity! Gary Roosa

Albany Intercessor

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