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Saturday, November 09, 2013


Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report

Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report, Saturday, November 9, 2013, 9:20 - 10:40 a.m. Louise Popa, Steve Evans, and Torre Bissell on State St. and Darlene Chesnut and Mark Pasko on Albany St.

+--indicates received a wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina
a--indicates was anointed with Holy Water
199--"199 Promises of God", a small paperback with encouraging quotes from the Bible

State Street Prayer Table

Mark (man) -- The bus driver who brought him to the prayer table asked prayer for his two daughters and for his girl-friend Julia.

Keith (young man) -- He asked prayer for his baby daughter +Angel (4 months old) who has 3 holes in her heart and will be having open heart surgery. Keith said that he had been born with the same condition.

+ a 199 Jeff (teenage boy) -- He was going to practice with his cheerleading team. He asked prayer for safety as they did their routines.

+ 199 Yolanda (young woman) -- "Strength for family"

Mark (man) -- He asked for prayer for his sister Louise whose husband has Alzheimer's disease. He also asked prayer for a friend Tracy who is blind. He asked for God's blessing on her and her seeing eye dog. She got hit by a car and her leg was broken. She was hit at a crossing. He also asked prayer for his friend Keith who has had a hard life: he just had his house burn down.

+Jennifer (young woman) and +Justin (young son) -- She asked for general prayers.

William (man) -- "Hit and Run" prayer.

+ 199 William (man with a bad limp) -- "For me and my kids."

Steve (man) -- He reported that Nathan (young man in 20s) who has come to the prayer table occasionally over the years has been arrested and was being sent to prison for being an arsonist.

+Bill (man) -- "Whatever you want to pray for."

Jessica (young woman) -- "My kids and my work."

+Sarah (young woman) -- "My children and work."

+ 199 Christopher (man) -- He reported that the prayer request from last week had been answered and there was more peace between him and his neighbor. He asked prayer that he would get visitation rights to his 5 year old daughter and that he would learn patience and start taking care of himself.

+Jamal (regular) -- This young man came to report how his life has changed since he first came to the prayer table: he has stopped drinking, he has stopped using marijuana, and he has started providing for his family. His wife has commented on the change in him. Jamal radiated joy.

+Riggi (man) -- "Strength, health, provision, protection."

Albany Street Prayer Table with Mark Pasko playing guitar and Darlene Chesnut

Rob- Passed by and not feeling well so we prayed for his healing

+ David- protection and blessing

+ 199 Leon- guidance and strength

+ 199 Estelle- all purpose prayer!

+ 199 Angel (Estelle’s 5th grade daughter)-protection and to do well in school, she took a book for herself!

++ Lachelle-healing for her father with diabetes who lost part of his leg (cross for her and one for her dad)

+ Brian-protection to keep him safe, he asked for people to keep praying for him every day!

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