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Thursday, December 12, 2013


12/12/2013, #65, 4th Quarter 2013

"And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write, 'These things says the First and the Last, who was dead, and came to life: I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. (Revelation 2:8-10)
      Jesus, we pray for your suffering church and all who will die for you today: help them to be faithful until death, give them strength to endure to the end so that they may gain the crown of life.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death." ' (Revelation 2:11)
      Holy Spirit, please help us hear what you are saying to the churches. Help us overcome so that we may win the final victory at Jesus' coming again. Thank you.

"For surely I will command, And will sift the house of Israel among all nations, as grain is sifted in a sieve; yet not the smallest grain shall fall to the ground. All the sinners of my people shall die by the sword, who say, 'The calamity shall not overtake nor confront us.' (Amos 9:9-10)
      A word received 11/8/2006: Pray for the day of my threshing. Pray that none of the wheat will be lost with the chaff. Pray for my little ones who are being led astray by lies. Pray for my will to be done.

But the salvation of the righteous is from the LORD; he is their strength in the time of trouble. And the LORD shall help them and deliver them; he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him. (Psalm 37:39-40)
      Father, we put our trust in you. Thank you for what you have done for us through your son Jesus Christ.

A word received: Pray for ears to hear and hearts to respond.

Thursday: 37:1-18 * 37:19-42; Amos 9:1-10: Rev. 2:8-17: Matt. 23:13-26
Friday: 31 * 35; Haggai 1:1-15: Rev. 2:18-29: Matt. 23:27-39

      Notes from the Front Line

Daily: For our Bishop and for Christ the King Spiritual Life Center
December 12 Residents of nursing homes

***** Christ Church Coxsackie is hosting an evening of revival at the church, 70 Mansion St., Coxsackie, NY, 12051, 7pm, Friday, 12/13.

***** News from Christ the King Spiritual Life Center, Monday, December 9, 2013
Christ The King Newsletter You are invited every Tuesday morning for Christian Healing Services 10- 12 in the CtK Main Chapel
Upcoming Speakers:
December 17: Bishop Mike & Linda Chapman from Peru

      Bishop Mike & Linda Chapman are missionaries to Peru in new areas where the Anglican Church has not been before. They are also active in the Healing Ministry and are blessed to see the Lord move in miraculous ways in Peru and here in the U.S.
The theme of the message will be Matthew 10:7&8 And as you go, preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons; freely you received, freely give.

December 24: The Living Gospel with Matthew & Tina Zawisza
      A special Christmas Eve service: Living Gospel Ministry presents, JOSEPH: the Expectant Dad. Experience the events of the first Christmas as Joseph relives one of the most unexpected journeys. From Nazareth all the way to Bethlehem, hear from the carpenter himself what it felt like first hand to be a part of this most incredible story.
      Matthew & Tina Zawisza are a full time husband & wife traveling ministry. Both their marriage and ministry was birthed in early 2007. The Bible wasn't always written on paper. It was shared and passed down from one person to the next. This ministry is simply trying to bring that back so God's children can once again have an experience like the ones who first heard the Gospel did not only with their ears but also the eyes. The Living Gospel is a Faith Based ministry, meaning Matthew & Tina live as the Lord provides through the generosity our gifts for the work the Lord has given them to do.
      You are warmly invited to share Christmas Eve Tuesday, December 24 at 10 o'clock in the Morning in The Celebration of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ in Carols and Scripture and Drama from The Living Gospel Ministry with Christ-mass Communion at The Ecumenical Public Healing Service

December 31: The Right Rev. Daniel Herzog, VIII Bishop of Albany

***** Cathedral Prayer Table 12-11-13, Cold so we are inside, Beth Collum, Dcn Sue Plaske, Candy Palumbo, Hilda Hardy

Candy - Michael and Milton's school - whooping cough problems

Paul - Bishop Ball, Deacon Carpenter, Fr. McQuaid, Tripp, and Ryan - all Healing

FHS, Jana

***** Tomorrow (Thurs) is a BIIIGGGG day for The Dock...[Belfast, Northern Ireland] an interview panel of Dock Directors and Members will be interviewing 13 people who have applied for the one-and-a-half salaried posts we advertised a few weeks ago
      Please pray for wisdom, grace, direction, protection, clarity and God's will to be done in every aspect of the recruitment process. Thy Kingdom Come...
Thanks, praying people! Chris
Chris Bennett
Chaplain to Titanic Quarter

Albany Intercessor

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