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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Rejoice! Rejoice Greatly!

Rejoice! Rejoice Greatly!      Christmas greetings and happy New Year!
This has been a year of changes for us. In March Jean had a second shoulder replacement (the left this time). The operation was lot rougher on her than we anticipated but she has made an excellent recovery but now has random pain from deterioration of her spine. We've both had a series of medical problems over the last couple of years, but thank God nothing has been lethal; but that is the main reason you haven't heard from us.
      In May Arthur came to live with us. He is 22 and works (and ministers) at a convenience store in a rough part of Schenectady. He has been a blessing to us.
      At the end of August I retired from work at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory where I wrote and taught computer courses and did computer applications for the past thirteen years. Most of the time since we returned to the States from Liberia in 1976 has been spent writing and teaching computer courses and doing consulting work.
      We have also watched Stephen complete a year's internship with the diocese and become a youth pastor to the youth of the Baptist, Presbyterian, and Episcopal Churchs of Balston Spa, New York.
      In September we made three car trips to visit Kyle near Boston, Tamba and Lisa north of Boston, and Jonathan and Liz in New York City. The fact that we could make these three trips is a sign of Jean's improved health (but we learned we are not ready for any really long trips, such as to the Midwest).
      In October Bishop Dan asked us to join the healing team at Christ the King, the diocesan Spiritual Life Center. We have also been going to Youth for Christ (City Life which reaches out to kids in the inner city of Schenectady) and to various Bible study groups. It is interesting that as we have passed on leadership for adult groups to others we have become involved with teens and twenty-somethings.
      Our children are now all in their 40s and we are thankful we get to see them all together every July. Hillary's family lives across the street from us. Brereton's family is still in Brazil, though their son Kyle (18 ) has started as a freshman in a college in the Boston area. Jonathan and his family are moving to California in a week where Liz's parents live. Tamba and his family live in northeast Massachusetts about 100 yards from New Hampshire. Sarah and her family are once again in Manilla, The Philippines (they are visiting us next week).
      Jean and I continue to work on the prayer table with a friend at the City Mission each Thursday at their evening meal time. I continue to work on the prayer table in front of Christ Church along with others from Christ Church and other parishes. We do this year round. I continue to send out almost daily prayer notes to intercessors for the diocese which can be seen on my blog
      Jean celebrated her 83rd birthday in November I my 75th birthday earlier this month. We look forward to our 50th wedding anniversary next May.

back: Tamba, Brereton, Jonathan, and Arthur; front: Stephen, Torre, Jean, Hillary, and Sarah. Photo taken at our July 2013 family get-together.
      We discovered a few years ago that there is no Biblical model for retirement -- you just get new assignments that are appropriate to your age. We like it that way.
      We wish you a blessed Christmas and a good New Year. If you are in our area next year we would enjoy seeing you. Love, Torre and Jean (AKA Margaret)

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