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Friday, September 26, 2014


9/26/2014, #26, 3rd Quarter 2014

And they were astonished at his teaching, for his word was with authority. (Luke 4:32)
      Jesus, help us accept your authority when you speak to us.

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1)
      Holy Spirit, help each of us in this diocese have that secret place and time with the Father and abide under his shadow. Thank you.

I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in him I will trust." (Psalm 91:2)
      LORD, you are my fortress and my refuge, my God in whom I will trust. Thank you for being who you are.

Those who are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing, (Psalm 92:13-14)
      Plant us in your house, LORD, so that we may flourish and bear fruit in old age. Thank you.

WORD: Keep looking to me for help.
WORD: Turn to me for comfort when you are filled with sorrow.
WORD: Look to me in times of trouble and times of plenty. Keep your eyes on me.
WORD: Remember me and I will remember you.
WORD: Let me lead you by my hand.
WORD: Thank me for my kindness and mercy.

Daily Lectionary
Friday: 88 * 91, 92; Esther 8:1-8,15-17*: Acts 19:21-41: Luke 4:31-37
Saturday: 87, 90 * 136; Hosea 1:1-2:1: Acts 20:1-16: Luke 4:38-44

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: Daily: For our Bishop and for everyone to read the Scriptures
September 21 For the Episcopal Business Administrators Conference
22 For Biblical tithing to become the norm in our parishes
23 For Deacon Formation, Faculty and Candidates
24 The Rev’d Richard A. Chandler, Jr.
25 The Rev’d Guy Kagey
26 The Rev’d Lora Smith

***** Pray for Sister Mary Jean of the Sisters of St. Mary. She is in critical condition at Saratoga Hospital following surgery earlier this week. The Sisters urgently ask for prayer and that there be no visits to the hospital at this time.

***** Please pray for the victims and families of those with Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, and elsewhere. It is decimating whole communities. Pray for the health workers who risk their lives to treat the sick and the dying.

WHO has posted a series of updates "Ebola at 6 months" reviewing the course of the disease in each of the affected countries:

Sierra Leone:


Nigeria / Senegal:

Daniel Herzog, Tuesday, September 23, 2014 4:30 PM
Subject: Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million in 4 Months, C.D.C. Estimates -

***** You are invited to Saint Ann's Episcopal Church's event: Benefit Concert for Dcn. Brenda Nickles
Tuesday, September 30 at 6:30pm at Saint Ann's Episcopal Church, Amsterdam, NY

***** Christ The King Ecumenical Healing Service, Tuesday, SEPT 30 at 10:00 a.m.
      St. Michael's and All Angels Chapel, (formerly the Main Chapel)
      ANGELS: Flighty Idea or Spiritual Reality ?
      Angels are Popular, from pop culture to personal perception.
      Bishop Dan Herzog will look at Angels (good and bad) in the Bible, popular piety, public worship and Christian theology. Angels and demons are spread across the pages of the Old and New Testaments. They are part of cosmic life, Israel's history and the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.
      The Healing Service includes Praise and Worship, Scripture, Teaching; opportunity for Holy Communion, Anointing, Personal Prayer ministry, and Reconciliation.
      Bishop Dan was bishop of Albany from 1997-2007 after serving as a parish priest in rural, small town and inner-city churches. He and Carol have been married for nearly 50 years. He invites you to come and bring a friend and experience the healing touch of Jesus.
      Buffet lunch ($10.65 inc. tax) can be purchased at the Welcome Center beginning at 11:30. All are welcome.
      Christ the King Spiritual Life Center is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, located at 575 Burton Road, Greenwich, N.Y. 12834 (518 )-692-9550

***** 9/25 Sister Mary Jean
A quick update and thanks for the Intercessors’ prayers--
      Today the doctors removed all the tubes from Sister. Her heart signs are better. Her lungs need more clearing, but she is doing that herself with good productive coughing. She is beginning a liquid diet. She recognized me and wanted to talk, but her throat is so sore from the tubes that I cut my visit short so that she would not waste her energy. Prayers are working, God is good. Still no visitors except the Sisters and Chaplain is best. The doctors continue to say she will have a long convalescence.
      In Christ, Mother Miriam, CSM

***** City Mission Pray Table - September 25, 2014 – Torre and Jean Bissell, Chuck Rinaldo
* Steven – Has cancer in his neck and chest. Asked for strength and peace.
* + Rich – Pray for his family, and his wife who is expecting a baby, and for protection for the baby. Asked for God’s love and provision for his family.
* Carmelo – 8 year old son of Rich. He was thankful for the meal from City Mission.
* Dan and his daughters
      * Praise the Lord, his daughter, Summer, got a full-time job at the Baptist Retirement Home. Pray that she will stay with the job.
      * Shannon got a new job in Tennessee. Pray protection over her and for God’s peace.
      * Julie has 2 jobs and is getting her GED. Pray the Lord sustain her during this time.
* Benjamin – Praise the Lord he has a job and is still walking with Jesus. Pray that he keeps his eyes on Jesus.
* ++Ricos – Pray the Lord keep him safe and steady.
* Stephen – He learned the “Golden Rule” – treat others as he wants to be treated. Pray the Lord will enable him to walk in love.
* Ted –Pray for his healing and continued good health. Pray for h is daughter, Camille who has Lyme disease.
* Tobias – His girlfriend, Odetta, has a trichotomy. Pray that the Lord heals her and restores her voice back.
* Jackie – She knows Jesus, but she’s in a spiritual battle with the devil. She hears demons. Pray she expels the demons and fills the void with the Holy Spirit. Pray for a hedge of protection around her.
* Gary – Pray for God’s provision for his family, for family unity, and to know when to speak and when not to speak.

***** Here is the current Mudge prayer from Jeanne (my wife for those who don't know).       Much is taking place in many areas by people from the Albany Diocese. God is working through us to others. God bless us all. Tom Gizara, Chairman, Missions Committee for the Albany Episcopal Diocese
Subject: Mudge Scripture Prayer
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make straight your paths.
(Proverbs 3: 5-6)
      Father God, we thank You that Father Shaw Mudge trusts You with all his heart and acknowledges You in all his ways. Thank You that You keep his paths straight.
      Lord we send up special prayers for Father Shaw’s trip to Belize. This will be the longest stay to date. We pray for travel mercies both to Belize on Friday September 26 and returning to the US on October 13. Be with him throughout his travels and in every activity that the bishop assigns to him.
      We pray specifically for the special presentation he will make at the Synod; for his leading of the pre-ordination retreat; and for his participations in the installation of a rector and in the ordinations. May your Holy Spirit be with him as he spreads the love of Jesus to the people of Belize. May every interaction be a blessing as Father Shaw will be a fruitful servant for the Kingdom of God.
      We pray for the Mudge family while Father Shaw is away. Lord, keep them healthy and safe. We pray for a buyer for their town house in the Albany area and for continuing financial provision.
      Thank You Lord for every blessing! Amen.

***** Diocese of Albany, Sunday, September 21, 2014 8:39 PM
Bishop's Update - House of Bishops' Meeting
September 21, 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
      I am currently attending the Fall House of Bishops' Meeting, which this year is being held in Taipei, Taiwan. You might be wondering - "Why Taiwan?" If so, you are not alone. That is a question that was asked by many people, to include a large number of bishops. As you may or may not be aware, Taiwan is one of ten overseas dioceses (not counting the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe), that are officially part of The Episcopal Church. It is, in fact, the most distant of all the overseas dioceses (a 20.5 hour plain ride from Albany).
      Most House of Bishops' Meetings are held in one of the U.S. dioceses for convenience and cost reasons, however, occasionally a House of Bishops' meeting will be held in one of the overseas dioceses as a means of honoring them and sharing the travel burdens experienced by our overseas bishops. Taiwan was chosen this year in honor and recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Diocese of Taiwan in 1954. Episcopal laymen serving in the U.S. military and stationed in Taiwan were among the first to ask the Episcopal Church to establish a missionary presence in Taiwan. For the past 60 years, The Episcopal Church in the United States has been a major supporter of the Diocese of Taiwan and its ministry not only to Americans in the region, but most importantly to the Asian people. According to the Bishop of Taiwan, the Rt. Rev. David Lai, "In the Chinese culture, 60 years is a very significant landmark event," and for that reason, he was especially pleased that the House of Bishops could come at this time, marking its first ever House of Bishops' meeting in Asia.
      One of the greatest obstacles to spreading the Gospel in Taiwan is the strong negative response from Buddhists' family members. Individuals who leave Buddhism to become Christians often do so at the risk of losing their families by being totally rejected or cut off from their family and former life. Honoring ancestors during special prayer and food ceremonies in the Buddhist temple is very important within Buddhism. Elderly parents are concerned that if their children become Christians (especially their sons) there will be no one to go to the temple and offer prayers and ceremonial food on their behalf and that of their ancestors after they are dead. While it may seem strange to us, it is very important to them.
      One of Bishop David Lai's motives for inviting the House of Bishops to come to Taiwan was to help better expose bishops (most of whom had never been to Asia) to the Asian culture, religion, lifestyle and society in order that we might be better able to do ministry and share the Gospel to the growing number of Asian people living in the United States. So far the trip has been very informative and enlightening. In addition to meeting, visiting and worshipping with the people and clergy of four different parishes in Taiwan, we have also received or will be receiving briefings from bishops and representatives from Hong Kong, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines to learn about and have a greater appreciation of the societal and theological contexts and unique mission challenges found in each of those countries.
      So far the visit and House of Bishops' Meeting is going very well. As you might imagine, the climate is quite different from that of upstate New York. The temperature each day has been in the upper 90's and on at least one occasion hit 103 degrees with very high humidity. Needless to say, I haven't needed the light jacket that I brought with me. What started out as Typhoon Fung-Wong (now downgraded to a tropical storm) hit the Taipei area last night and is still going on as I write to you. Although we have had some high winds and rain, it has not been as severe in this area as in other parts of the country, where at least one person was killed and several others were injured. According to the newspaper, it should start clearing up later this afternoon.
      The House of Bishops' Meeting concludes Tuesday evening and I will begin the journey back to Albany on Wednesday morning, arriving late that night (September 24th - Taiwan is 12 hours ahead of New York). In our remaining time here, besides learning more about ministry challenges and opportunities in the countries mentioned above, we are also scheduled to receive committee briefings on the following topics: The Restructuring of The Episcopal Church (TREC), the Task Force on Marriage, the Presiding Bishop Nominating Committee Report, and various other business items leading up to General Convention which meets this coming summer in Salt Lake City, Utah.
      I would ask your prayers for the remainder of the House of Bishops' Meeting and for safe travel on Wednesday. I would also ask your prayers for Bishop Lai and the people and Diocese of Taiwan. They have been wonderful hosts and are a blessing to the wider Church. Please know you are all in my prayers.
      Faithfully Yours in Christ, +Bill

Albany Intercessor

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