Sunday, August 19, 2018

2018 08 19

2018 08 19

*****Notes from the front line

Prayer Table/Montgomery County Correctional Facility Jail Report, St. Ann's Amsterdam, August 13, 2018
     DCN ALAN and DCN MARYCAROL -- We once again have exciting news to tell you about two neighborhood ministries in which God is visibly working in our midst == the Prayer Table and the Services From the Reserved Sacrament at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. Both were enormous successes this past Monday, August 13. Witness:
     Prayer Table -- There was a threat of heavy rain (isn't there one every day lately?) but we set up the food and clothing tables outdoors on our church lawn, and droves of people came right away. All the clothing we put out was taken. This is rare that it ALL goes, but it did! And James Bryant was busy passing out evenly the free non-perishable food, plus items like oranges, potatoes and bananas which we have been giving in recent months. Three women -- DARCY, MARCIA and LUCY -- all came for anointing and private individual prayer. God knows the details. I (Alan) also spent a good chunk of time after the actual table time was over chatting with a troubled woman (name withheld) who is going through a very hard time. She just got out of an extended stay in a local hospital and is severely depressed ("Life doesn't make any sense to me!" she kept saying between sobs) and doesn't know where to turn. I just tried to convince her that while THIS world is not perfect, the next one is! Please join me in praying for this woman to have her faith in the Lord restored.
     Montgomery County Correctional Facility -- Attendance numbers may not be that important. It is just as holy when only two or three are gathered in Jesus' name, but it IS exciting when lots of people show up to read and hear about the Lord. This week, we had a record 31 persons come to the four pod services -- four women and 27 men. Praise God that His word is so sought out within the walls of that place. We once again had lively discussions on the readings of the day. Thought you'd be interested in hearing some of the questions and comments that were made at the services. Here they are:
     1. Three men, one in each of the men's pods, mentioned that the Ephesians epistle struck a chord with them. Paul writes, "Do not let the sun go down on your anger." The men said things like, "You never know. Overnight, something might happen to that person you are angry with and you will never get the chance to make amends." Another said that it helps him, when he feels angry toward someone just before going off to sleep, to talk to a friend about it, and that helps him get over the anger and just let it go."
     2. Question -- "Who actually killed Jesus -- the Romans, the Jewish leaders or Pontius Pilate?"
     3. Psalm 34, Verse 8 -- "Taste and see that the Lord is good. Happy are they who trust in him." One woman observed, "I really like that verse. It speaks to me, because even though I'm here (in jail), I know He hasn't forgotten about me."
     4. A man's comment on the John gospel reading: A line that jumped out at me is where Jesus says, 'No one can come to me unless driven by the father who sent me.' It's telling me -- and all of us -- that God the Father WANTS us to seek Jesus and find him so we can all be saved."
     The following inmates signed the prayer request sheet "For Healing and for Special Needs: -- the same sheet we have at the back of the church each Sunday.
     They are asking for your prayers for themselves and others included: Tyrone (and Isaiah, Dwaughn), Nelson (Kimberly), Ty (and Apollo and Ashley), Charles, Joshua (and Lauren), Shawn, Daniel (daughter Maria, father Jose), Tyshawn (and unborn child on the way), Bob (and daughters and girlfriend), Boyd (Alexia, Elle, Patricia, Boyd Sr.), Peyton (Juni), Duke (Trishan, Destiny), Eric (and family,. Fort Johnson Fire Company), Casey (and family, Paul), Betty (and Jose, Eduardo). Anthony (and mother, fiancĂ©e and children).

CITY MISSION PRAYER TABLE, Torre Bissell and Chuck Rinaldo,August 16, 2018
+ received cross
•     Jordan – Pray for complete healing and for the Lord's strength to energize him to continue to do God's work at the Mission.
•     Miguel – Pray that God will bless him and show him how to be God's witness.
•     + Anthony – He asked for prayer for his friend Lisa to stay on the narrow path to follow God's leading and stay close to His ways.
•     Paul – Pray for the Holy Spirit to bless the staff at City Mission, the residents and the community with the knowledge that God's love is the cure and the way.
•     Dan asked for prayer for Erica and Carmen.
•     + Peter – He was just released from prison and has been diagnosed with stage four cancer that is in his throat, abdomen and kidney. We pray for the Holy Spirit to take away the cancer and to restore him to good health; to assure him that God loves him.
•     Chuck – Pray for relief of sciatic pain caused by arthritic hip pain.
•     Ken – Pray for a couple, Elizabeth and Henry, who are going through health issues. Henry is fearful he will lose his wife and he will not be able to live. We pray that they will know God's love to help them live to the fullness of life that God provided.
•     + Justin – He asked for prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit to guide his daily walk and make straight his path, and to release him from the confusion he is experiencing.
•     ++ Dee Dee & Carle – Presently homeless. Pray for God's provision for their daily needs and for him to direct them to a place to begin a process to find a place to live.
•     Felicia – Pray for her son, who has mental problems, and was taken from her by Child Protective Services. Give her your peace.
•     ++ Ann whose grandmother is dying. We pray for God's peace to comfort and strengthen her, and for the Holy Spirit to remind her of God's care and love for her grandmother.

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