Saturday, August 24, 2019

2019 08 24

A Word Received: Feed on my word.
CITY MISSION PRAYER TABLE, Torre Bissell and Chuck Rinaldo, August 22, 2019
+ received cross
Miguel gave a PTL for his new grandson which they named Paul. He also asked for healing prayer for his daughter's mother-in-law, Ruth.
Paul asked for prayer for God's help to give him the discipline to make healthier choices when it comes to food and exercise. He also asked for prayer for God's help to have a calmer spirit. Help him Lord to keep his thoughts on the plan you have for him to prosper.
Chuck gave a PTL for answered prayer. He found a scratched and dented new dryer that was reasonably priced.
+ Tom – His wallet was stolen with all his identity. We pray for the wallet to be returned and we also pray for protection of his identity. We also pray for a repentant heart for the person who took it.
Ada gave a PTL that his tests came back okay which gave him a clear, clean outlook concerning his brain scan.
+ Kiki – She was very distressed about a 24 year old friend, Samuel, who died of a drug overdose. She is also concerned about Samuel's sisters (who are like family to her) that they are not handling the news about their brother in the proper way. We pray for God's protection and comfort during their grief.
Mac – His older brother recently died and his sister-in-law Thelma, is having a very difficult time with both grief and her health. We pray for the comfort and healing that only God can give.
Gail – She still has not found her dog and she is very distressed to a point of depression. We pray for the return of her dog and for God's comfort to give her peace of mind and to lift her out of her anxiety and depression.
+++ Schuyler (10 yr old girl), Sophie (5 yr old girl), Christen (5 yr old boy) – They all asked for a cross. When asked if they knew what the cross meant, they said it means God. We pray that the Lord bless them, and that they continue to grow in the knowledge of their hope in Him.
Albany Intercessor

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