Saturday, August 31, 2019


CITY MISSION PRAYER TABLE, Torre Bissell and Chuck Rinaldo, August 29, 2019
+ received cross
Miguel – Pray for his mother-in-law (Ruth), for healing and good health.
Tom gave a PTL that his money has been returned to him.
Alvin asked for prayer for God's provision in getting a place to live.
William has a physical disability that makes it very difficult to walk. He asked for prayer that God's strength and help would keep him steady and protect him from injury due to falling.
Chuck asked for prayer of protection due to fraudulent washing of a check from his checking account, also for release of stress because of all that is required in reporting it.
Torre – Torre's daughter, Sarah, lives in the Philippines and is in the hospital with a severe case of Beuerle fever. We pray for full recovery.
Craig is scheduled for back surgery for bulging discs and he is anxious about it. We pray for the Lord's healing touch, and for the peace of mind that only comes from the Lord, that He has everything under control for the procedure and the recovery.
Paul prayed for healing and recovery for Torre's daughter. He also asks for prayer that the fines and fees for his legal problem will be minimal.
Jordan gave a PTL that his time off from the Mission was good and a time of renewal. We pray for God's joy to fill Jordan even in the midst of all the chaos.
Brenda (a mother of 3) has been evicted from her apartment and has nowhere to go. We pray for God's protection of the family and His provision for a place.
Adienne (a volunteer) asked for prayer for her son John who needs a meaningful job. She also asked for God's help for a woman she is ministering to, and finally she asks for God's discernment in providing financial assistance to those who ask for it.
+++ Mama “D” a mother with 2 preteen children, who all got a cross. She asked for prayer for God's help to give her the strength to stop drinking beer. Lord, we ask that she find the smell of it distasteful and that You deliver her from the temptation.
Gail – Erica, a friend of her son, who is 27 and has 2 small children, is in a diabetic coma in the hospital and may be brain dead. We pray for God's healing intervention to bring Erica out of her coma and that she have no ill effects from it. We also pray for God's comfort for the family. Gail is still trying to find her dog and we pray her dog be safely returned to her. Pray also for Gail to have the peace of the Lord.
Tahena – We pray for God's continued protection and provision for her in her daily walk.
+ Manny asked for prayer for his friend Sammy who died. We pray for the hope of the resurrection to give Manny peace that his friend is resting in Jesus.

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