Friday, September 20, 2019

2019 09 20

Much prayer is needed for our bishop and for this diocese.

A Message from Bishop Love Regarding the Recent Actions of the Title IV Reference Panel for the Discipline of Bishops

September 18, 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am currently at the fall House of Bishops’ Meeting in Minneapolis, where I was informed earlier this afternoon, that the Title IV Reference Panel for the discipline of bishops has met and voted (in accordance with the Canons of the Church) to refer to the Hearing Panel the matter related to my November 10, 2018 Pastoral Letter and Pastoral Directive regarding the 79th General Convention 2018 Resolution B012.

I greatly appreciate the Reference Panel’s decision to expedite the process by referring this matter directly to the Hearing Panel, where I will have the opportunity to address the concerns raised by the issuance of the November 10, 2018 Pastoral Letter and Directive (which upholds the Church’s traditional understanding and teaching on marriage.

Now that the Reference Panel has acted, canonical timelines will be put in place, ensuring that the remainder of the Title IV Process should move much more quickly. It is my hope and prayer that God’s will, will ultimately be accomplished whatever the outcome of the Title IV proceedings.

I appreciate so much all of you who have been holding me and the Diocese of Albany up in prayer. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

Faithfully Yours in Christ,
Rt. Rev. William H. Love
Bishop of Albany

CITY MISSION PRAYER TABLE, Torre Bissell, September 19,2019
+ received a wooden cross made by Denis Adams of North Carolina
199 received a booklet 199 Promises of God
1. Miguel – John (for whom we prayed last week following a heart attack) died last Friday. We prayed for the staff and community to live in the hope of the resurrection.
2. + (woman) She picked up a cross and said “Thank you.”
3. Tom (older man who holds up a begging sign by the highway) asked prayer that he would do well Friday (which is a payday).
4. + Jamel – He will be traveling to Massachusetts to live. He finds there are too many things which pull him down in Schenectady.
5. + 199 Roberto – confessed his sins and recommitted his life to Jesus.
6. + Ed – he asked prayer for John and for his own family and for God’s provision for himself.
7. + Lisa – (She used to live across from Christ Church on State St and come to the prayer table there) She has been sober for 3 years now.
8. + Jason – flew from California to help Lisa move.
9. + James – asked prayer for friend’s daughter who delivered a premature baby and for his own family and friends.
10. + Israel – he asked prayer for his mom, Jasmine, who is being threatened with a 10-15 year sentence in prison. She was visiting a friend in Troy when the police raided the house.
11. + 199 Jahnell – he confessed his sins to Jesus and accepted him as Lord and Savior (this was a first time commitment for him).
12. Stephen – he asked advice on an old girlfriend who had contacted him.

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