Sunday, October 20, 2019

2019 10 20

CITY MISSION PRAYER TABLE, Torre Bissell and Chuck Rinaldo, October 17, 2019 + received cross P – 100 Promises 1. Miguel – Gave a praise the Lord that he had a good talk with his son, Anthony. We pray the Lord enable and equip Anthony to follow through on what they discussed. 2. + Alvin gave a PTL for what God is doing in his life. We pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to fill Alvin daily. 3. Dave asked for prayer for the people in the program at the Mission to stay focused on God and His plan for them. Dave also asked for prayer for his sister and daughter to be set free from drugs. 4. Jordan – We continue to lift Jordan up to be filled to overflowing with the living waters of joy as he ministers to all at the Mission. We also pray for God's sustaining power to energize Jordan to keep him strong and healthy. 5. + William asked for prayer for his relationship with his girlfriend to grow with the Lord Jesus as central in their lives. 6. Ray was just released from the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack. We thank the Lord that Ray was treated quickly, and we pray for healing with no residual effect to his circulatory system, his heart or any neurological abnormalities. 7. Daniel – A volunteer who gave the blessing before the meal. We pray that the words he spoke reached hearts that will accept what is said for the Lord's glory. 8. ++ A man asked for two crosses, one for himself and one for his grand daughter. We pray that the true meaning of the cross bless them. 9. + Karen – She is preparing for a job interview. We pray for her to go into the interview with the Lord's confidence and for a successful outcome. 10. Chuck – He hears from his son, Kobe, most every day during Kobie's lunch schedule at school. We pray for restoration of the father/son relationship. 11. P+ Brandon – He rededicated his life to Jesus and asked for Jesus to help deliver him from his addiction problem. Pray for the cleansing power of Christ to set him free. 12. + Tehena – Pray for a healing of old wounds, for God's guidance and protection in her daily living. 13. Stephen – He asked for prayer for his father who is in the hospital with lung problems. Stephen is tired and stressed due to all that is happening to his father. We pray that God give Stephen rest, strength and guidance as he deals with all that is required for his father's care. 14. Ron – His friend Amy, who he has known for the past 10 or more years, and who has helped Ron in the past, has had a stroke and needs special care. Ron feels he can help her and he is willing to do so. We pray for the Lord to give discernment for correct choices to be made for Ron and Amy. 15. Kathy – She asked for prayer for her son Victor who is disabled to get the proper care he needs. We also pray for your peace to be with Kathy that you will provide for Victor. 16. Lexy – She asked for prayer for a housing worker who is giving Lexy a hard time, that she will have a change of heart and provide the services she is responsible to for with a willing spirit. She asked for prayer for a friend who is being abused. We pray for God's protection and provision for her friend to get the help she needs. Lexy also asked for prayer for herself, for her medications to stabilize and give her relief from her emotional anxiety.

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