Monday, December 16, 2019


CITY MISSION PRAYER TABLE, Torre Bissell and Chuck Rinaldo, December 12, 2019 + received cross + Thomas injured his left hand at work. We pray for healing and relief of pain. + David is struggling with his battle against substance abuse. He will be going to Conifer Park for treatment. We pray that he will be successful in his treatment, and that he lean on the Lord for his strength to break the chains that hold him down. Dave asked for prayer covering of safety for all who will be traveling during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Torre prayed for me, Chuck, to be cleansed of any infection that may still be in my body and for full recovery of his strength. + Jamie – His father, Oran, is not doing well. We pray for God's intervention in whatever the problem may be. + Freddie was hit by a car that ran over his foot and broke it. Also, presently he has an infection in his nose, as well as other health issues. We pray for God's healing touch on Freddie; cleanse his body of any infections, and strengthen him, body, mind and spirit. Freddie is getting ready to graduate the program and is seeking God's direction to lead him in this next season of his life. Help him keep his eyes on Jesus. + Reggie asked for prayer for his health, and for prayer of deliverance. We pray that the Lord free him from his physical ailments and most of all that the Lord deliver him from whatever it is that is binding him, to set him free from bondage and fill him with God's abundant joy. Anthony gave a PTL for how much God has been working in his life. We pray that God continue to fill Anthony with His Holy Spirit, to empower him to witness to those at the Mission. Jordan – We pray that the Lord go before Jordan in all he does to support those who need to know and accept Christ into their lives. We continue to pray for the Lord's strength to fill Jordan with springs of living water to administer his duties at the Mission with the joy of the Lord. Connie asked for prayers of protection for a 12 year old, Sondra, who may have been in jeopardy. Gail – We pray protection on her mental state, due to all the stress she is going through in trying to recover her dog. We pray that God go before her to transform this situation. + Ed recently lost his dad, Leonard, who passed away after a 20 year battle with diabetes. We pray for God's peace to comfort for Ed and for the family. Tehena – We pray for her to walk daily in the strength of the Lord, to help her in her struggles to stay positive and thankful. Leroy is having back problems from an old injury and may need surgery to correct the problem. We pray that the Lord go before him, so he will get the services he needs to regain a better quality of life in his future. Stephen says he is doing well, but he needs a more permanent job so he can save some money to get into a 5 hour course for his drivers license. We pray for God's provision to give Stephen an abundant life. ++ Kiki and Rosco – They are homeless and need a safe place to live. Rosco hurt himself on a job and needs rest to heal. We pray for God to make a way and lead them to a place they can call home, and a more permanent job to give them the security they so long for. Stephen (our Jewish acquaintance) Pray for his peace of mind, and that Jesus reveal Himself to Stephen.

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