Saturday, January 25, 2020

2020 01 25

From Merlena in Michigan
     Please pray fervently for Bp. William Love of NY as he is standing for the truth of Scripture in spite of the fact that not all of his diocese is in agreement with his stance (e.g., some accept the non truth of what the Episcopal Church is promoting regarding same sex marriage). This is explained below. We were out in NY just after he had been nominated (winter 2006-2007) and he was anointing with oil and praying with “laying on of hands” for those who wanted that. Of course, I was one who got in line for that. I have been following his ministry ever since. Few have had to put up with as much resistance over this issue as he has, in my opinion. That’s why I am sending this around asking people to intercede for Bp. Love.

From Bishop Dave Bena
     Also please be in prayer for our friend Bill Love, Bishop of Albany. The Episcopal Church leadership has set April 21 for his “crucifixion” - trial. They will depose him (take his diocese away from him) because he allows only opposite sex weddings in his churches. He took this position because (1) it is biblical, (2) it is the traditional view of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and therefore its official position. Not very inclusive on the part of the Episcopal leadership - “ you must go along with our agenda or you’re toast.” Pray for Bill, his wife Karen, and the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

From Sharon in Schenectady
     Thank you so much for the update on Bishop Love's hearing. We are certainly praying for him, his family and church family, the Diocese and the Episcopal church. This is still pretty unbelievable. Please continue to keep us updated as you can. Hope you are feeling better. God Bless.

CITY MISSION PRAYER TABLE, Torre Bissell and Chuck Rinaldo, January 23, 2020
+ received cross

1. Tommy asked for prayer to have more patience. We pray that the Lord lead him gently into acquiring the patience he needs to deal with whatever it is that is bothering him.

2. + Michael got a cross. We pray that it bless him and remind him of what Jesus did for him.

3. Miguel had a health episode that appeared life threatening, losing his breath. He spent 3 days at Ellis going through tests which showed his heart and circulation are okay. They attribute it to flu like systems. Miguel gave a PTL that the Lord protected him and provided him with good care.

4. Dave gave his testimony at graduation and gave praise to the Lord for giving him the words to speak from his heart. We pray for the joy of the Lord to flow through Dave to be a blessing to his family and to others. We also pray for the Lord's provision to lead him into a job with benefits.

5. Connie – We prayed for the person who was injured in an accident in downtown Schenectady. We also pray for her friend who died, and for the Lord's peace and comfort for Connie.

6. Jordan – We pray for the Lord to continue to enable him to minister at the Mission with the living waters of joy that flow from the Lord's heart into Jordan's heart and out to those he greets and meets daily at the Mission. We also pray for protection of his health and strength to serve You Lord.

7. Gail – The court date has been extended to February 18th. Gail is concerned for her dogs health. No one is giving her information about her dogs conditions and she is very stressed and anxious to the point of making her ill. We pray for God's peace and for protection for her and her dogs.

8. ++ Tom's son (Tom, Jr.) is in prison. We pray he finds freedom in Jesus and that he will be set free from drugs. In the name of Jesus, we pray for restoration in the relationship between father and son.

9. + DeVonna – Pray for her friend Josh who needs a place to live. We thank the Lord that DeVonna came to the prayer table and we ask for provision for Josh.

10. Jose' is anxious and feels depressed and lonely. His desire is to be in a relationship that will give him companionship. and to have friendship relationships. We pray that the Lord lead him in ways that reveal the love of Christ to comfort him and give him eyes to see His love around him in those he meets. Deliver Jose' from his depression and replace it with Your hope.

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