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2020 08 05

22 Then He came to Bethsaida; and they brought a blind man to Him, and begged Him to touch him. Mark 8:22 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, help us bring the blind to Jesus for him to touch them.

23 So He took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town. And when He had spit on his eyes and put His hands on him, He asked him if he saw anything. 24 And he looked up and said, "I see men like trees, walking." 25 Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everyone clearly. Mark 8:23-25 (NKJV)
     Jesus, you know my blindness - I too need a second touch.

26 Then He sent him away to his house, saying, "Neither go into the town, nor tell anyone in the town." Mark 8:26 (NKJV)
     Father, help me follow Jesus' instructions.

27 Now Jesus and His disciples went out to the towns of Caesarea Philippi; and on the road He asked His disciples, saying to them, "Who do men say that I am?" 28 So they answered, "John the Baptist; but some say, Elijah; and others, one of the prophets." 29 He said to them, "But who do you say that I am?" Peter answered and said to Him, "You are the Christ." Mark 8:27-29 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, please help us all proclaim Jesus as the Christ of God.

24 Now a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man and mighty in the Scriptures, came to Ephesus. 25 This man had been instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things of the Lord, though he knew only the baptism of John. 26 So he began to speak boldly in the synagogue. When Aquila and Priscilla heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately. Acts 18:24-26 (NKJV)
     Lord, raise up witnesses like Aquila and Priscilla in our generation to instruct the clergy.

27 And when he desired to cross to Achaia, the brethren wrote, exhorting the disciples to receive him; and when he arrived, he greatly helped those who had believed through grace; 28 for he vigorously refuted the Jews publicly, showing from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Christ. Acts 18:27-28 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, please help us see what you can do in our generation.

18 Then King David went in and sat before the LORD; and he said: "Who am I, O Lord GOD? And what is my house, that You have brought me this far? 2 Samuel 7:18 (NKJV)
     O Lord God, this is my prayer when I come into your sanctuary and sit before you in awe and wonder.

40 How often they provoked Him in the wilderness, And grieved Him in the desert! 41 Yes, again and again they tempted God, And limited the Holy One of Israel. 42 They did not remember His power: The day when He redeemed them from the enemy, 43 When He worked His signs in Egypt, And His wonders in the field of Zoan; Psalm 78:40-43 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, help us remember all that God has done for us to set us free.

A Worde Received: Pray for me to come and touch you and give you new sight.




St. Ann's Amsterdam
     DEACON ALAN and DEACON MARYCAROL -- We are happy to report that on a warm, cloudy morning (August 3) on the lawn in front of our church on Division Street we were able to be visited by 5 people for our weekly Monday morning Prayer Table. Two of the neighbors who came by were very special visitors.
     In fact, one was not exactly a neighbor. He is a sojourner named DIMITRI -- toting a huge backpack -- who just arrived from Detroit, Mich., and was on his way to the bus stop at the mall to catch a bus to Albany. It was truly a blessing that we were out there when Dimitri stopped by, because he desperately needed some food and some specific clothing (a longsleeve T-shirt.) We talked a good 20 minutes. He talked about recently reading about the prophets of old and how their prophesies came true in their time and are coming about again today, unfortunately. We prayed for Dimitri to have safe travel wherever he is bound. (Even he is not sure.)
     Another very special first-time visitor was HERMANIA, who lives in the apartment building next door and heard about our weekly Prayer Table from another person in the building. (This is a growing trend we are delighted to see: people being referred to us by word of mouth by someone else who has had a good experience with us!) Hermania sought prayer for travel mercies and the health of her mother. She is going to Mexico this week to visit her mother, who is ill. We prayed for her AND her mother. She took one of our wooden crosses made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina, and she took a couple of clothing items and a bag of non-perishable food.
     Three other women -- NANCY, MARIA and MADEA -- stopped by for clothing and food.
     Please continue your intercessory prayers for this ministry in our neighborhood. God bless you!!

Albany Intercessor

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