Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 01 17

29 "Lord, now You are letting Your servant depart in peace, according to Your word; Luke 2:29 (NKJV)
     Lord, thank you for the peace you give me. Please give it also to all my children.

30 For my eyes have seen Your salvation Luke 2:30 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, thank you for giving me the opportunity to see your saving work.

31 Which You have prepared before the face of all peoples, Luke 2:31 (NKJV)
     Father, I have seen your work here and abroad; thank you.

32 A light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel." Luke 2:32 (NKJV)
     Jesus, thank you for your light and the light of your word to shine on my path.

A Word Received: Come, be children of the light. Let the light of my Son shine through your lives. Don't be afraid; as I did with Israel, I will do with you: I will go before you.

Albany Intercessor

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