Friday, January 22, 2021

2021 01 22

Be Thou My Vision
     Lord, in your mercy restore our sight of the the kingdom and kingdom life.

46 Now they came to Jericho. As He went out of Jericho with His disciples and a great multitude, blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat by the road begging. Mark 10:46 (NKJV)
     Jesus, there are so many who sit be the wayside begging.

47 And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" Mark 10:47 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, help us join Barimaeus in crying out to Jesus for his mercy.

48 Then many warned him to be quiet; but he cried out all the more, "Son of David, have mercy on me!" Mark 10:48 (NKJV)
     Father, there are many who desire order more than Jesus. Open their eyes and hearts.

49 So Jesus stood still and commanded him to be called. Then they called the blind man, saying to him, "Be of good cheer. Rise, He is calling you." Mark 10:49 (NKJV)
     Jesus, help us hear you caling to us. Help us to "be of good cheer" that he is calling us to himself.

50 And throwing aside his garment, he rose and came to Jesus. Mark 10:50 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, help us throw off everything which impedes are coming to Jesus.

51 So Jesus answered and said to him, "What do you want Me to do for you?" The blind man said to Him, "Rabboni, that I may receive my sight." Mark 10:51 (NKJV)
     Lord, help us share with you the desires of our hearts

52 Then Jesus said to him, "Go your way; your faith has made you well." And immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus on the road. Mark 10:52 (NKJV)
     Holy Father, please give us healing faith.

1 Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. 2 And His disciples asked Him, saying, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" 3 Jesus answered, "Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him. John 9:1-3 (NKJV)
     Holy Spirit, keep us from imputing sin for those who are still blind to what we see.

Breathe / What A Friend I've Found - Hillsong Worship
     Holy Spirit, help me cry out for more of Jesus.

Come Holy Spirit - Let the Fire Fall
     Holy Spirit, refine me, putify my heart so that I can experience more of Jesus and his friendship for me.

A Word Received: Come to me with your grief and sorrow over the state of my church and this nation. Believe that I can give sight to the blind and raise up the dead from their slumber.

Albany Intercessor

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