Saturday, June 22, 2019

20160 06 21

City Mission Prayer Table, June 20,2019, Torre Bissell (Chuck Rinaldo was out with extreme
hip pain)

+ indicates received a wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina
199 indicates receive a copy of 199 Promises of God

1. + 199 Corey recommitted his life to Jesus, confessed his sins to Jesus, and received God’s cleansing.
2. Miguel asked prayer for Mark Peter (young man, early 30s) who is in great spiritual danger and also comfort for Mark Peter’s parents.
3. + Brother Clay – we prayed that his eyes would see and heart respond to what Jesus is doing. He repented of his former street life.
4. Daniel – he prayed for healing for Chuck. He distributes Bibles through the Gideons.
5. Jordan – we prayed for the refreshing power of the Holy Spirit and that Jesus’ living waters would flow out from his heart to others.
6. + Angel – she is a young woman who needs work.
7. Taheena –a man is pursuing her to get her to sin. We prayed for protection, that Jesus would build a wall between her and the man.
8. ++ Amanda – emotional healing from a miscarriage. She has two other children, a boy and a gir.
9. Stephen – he prayed for Chuck, we prayed for Stephen for the Holy Spirit to strengthen him.
10. Nelson – for the power of the Holy Spirit to be a better Christian.
11. Torre – prayed for Chuck who is in extreme hip pain.
12. + Rahsaan – he and his lady are getting married. We prayed for God’s blessing on their marriage.
13. Donna – we prayed that she would complete her education. She has a colonoscopy on Wednesday. We prayed for a man after God’s own heart for her, and for a place to live. We prayed for a girl friend who had a benign pollop.
14. Fred – God used him to do miracles for others to provide sneakers and a walker for others.
15. Tyrone – Angie is 90% better, we prayed for the other 10%.
16. + Tim – he confessed his sins to Jesus and accepted his cleansing forgiveness. He was in day 2 of sobriety.

PT/MC Jail Reports, St. Ann’s Amsterdam, June 17, 2019

DCN ALAN and DCN MARYCAROL -- After taking one week off from the neighborhood ministries of Prayer Table at St. Ann's and the Services From the Reserved Sacrament at Montgomery County Correctional Facility (because we were away at Convention), it was so good to come home and minister in these areas again this past Monday, June 17. We missed everyone!
Prayer Table -- It was a warm, sunny morning, so Don and I set up a large table on the church lawn and we were greeted with about 25 to 30 persons. Paige Turner was a big help in volunteering to help distribute clean used and sometimes brand-new clothing to the people who came. Some generous parishioner donated a lot of what was given out and it included good jeans, shirts, blouses, sweaters and even shoes for both genders and all ages. Thank you, anonymous donor, whoever you are! Two people received anointing and prayer. LUCY sought prayer for her friend, DONALD, who lives in the apartment building next to St. Ann's and is not feeling well. MICHAEL asked for the Lord's help to get out of an economic problem. Some free, non-perishable food was given to neighbors in need who asked for it.
MCCF -- This Monday we had 20 people come to the three men's services and one women's service. Eighteen men and two women attended. That number is down from recent weeks, but one of the guards escorting us to one of the pods told us that quite a few inmates this month have been released or sent to state facilities. Many of the 18 men who came were first-timers, and the wonderful thing that has happened lately is that some of the regular attendees have been telling other inmates to come and enjoy the service for the readings, the discussions afterward and the chance to receive Holy Communion and take part in the general community prayer we close each mass with.
     The question, comment and discussion periods were very lively in all three pods. Many inmates commented on Paul's statement in Romans that "Suffering produces character." Five of them talked about how unhappy occasions in their lives have actually helped them look back and see mistakes they have made and inspired them not to repeat them. One of the most glowing moments we have ever had at MCCF came in the men's C pod when a man (one of the first-timers) during the ending community prayer vowed to commit the rest of his life to following Jesus. Hallelujah! Another man said he was moved by the Psalm 8 verses which say God is mindful of man and He makes them but little lower than the angels.
The following inmates asked for you intercessory prayers for themselves and indicated loved ones: Ariel, Bryan (and for everyone in here), Amijah (and Chekeeta), Philip (and Norma), Christopher O. (and family back home), Jesus, Mark (and family), Tiffany (and Orion, Bryan, Gabriella, Amnda and Geena), Keandra (and for justice in upcoming court date), Christopher J., Christopher D., Ray (and for wisdom upon upcoming release), Charles, Israel (and Triniti), Sean, Eddie.
We deacons and volunteers Anne DeGroff and Jeff Newell want to thank you many prayer warriors out there for your continue support of these valuable ministries. We feel the strength of those prayers as we see God working in our midst. God bless you all for your faithful support!

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