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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


8/27/2014, #14, 3rd Quarter 2014

[Dear Readers of Albany Intercessor,
      Sorry that I have been so flakey about getting out prayer notes for the last couple of months. I have had lots of problems with sciatic nerve pain in my right leg and it is often very painful to sit at the computer. I am still trying to recover my strength: I go to physical therapy twice a week. I am still unable to get my right knee (which was replaced) to go completely straight, so sometimes it buckles underneath me. Because of the pain of sitting at the computer, I am going to cut back on the "Notes from the Front Line" as they take a lot of time to process and edit. Please keep me in your prayers. Torre]

Then Jesus said to them, "My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready." (John 7:6)
      Lord, there is a time and a season for everything under heaven. Please help me wait for your times and seasons. Thank you.

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. (John 6:63)
      Jesus, I need your words written on my heart. I need your Spirit, and I need to know your new life in me more and more.

Then Jesus said to the twelve, "Do you also want to go away?" But Simon Peter answered him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. Also we have come to believe and know that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God." (John 6:67-69)
      Jesus, I too have come to believe that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Help my unbelief. Thank you.

Now it came to pass, as Peter went through all parts of the country, that he also came down to the saints who dwelt in Lydda. There he found a certain man named Aeneas, who had been bedridden eight years and was paralyzed. And Peter said to him, "Aeneas, Jesus the Christ heals you. Arise and make your bed." Then he arose immediately. (Acts 9:32-34)
      Holy Spirit, please help us set the paralyzed free to walk again so that many will come to know that Jesus is the Son of Man and has the power to forgive sins and make people whole and well again.

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)
      LORD, what are we to do when things fall apart? You are in your holy temple: hear and rescue us. Thank you.

WORD: I have called you. Answer my call.
WORD: You are in my care; don't be afraid.

Daily Lectionary
Wednesday: 119:1-24 * 12, 13, 14; Job 6:1,7:1-21: Acts 10:1-16: John 7:1-13
Thursday: 18:1-20 * 18:21-50; Job 6:1,7:1-21: Acts 10:17-33: John 7:14-36

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple
AUGUST 27 All Soul’s Church, St. Hubert’s, The Rev’d Cn Robert Limpert, The Rev’d John Kettlewell

Albany Intercessor

Monday, August 25, 2014


8/25/2014, #13, 3rd Quarter 2014

As the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on me will live because of me. (John 6:57)
      Living Father, please help me to feed on Jesus so that I may live.

Immediately he preached the Christ in the synagogues, that He is the Son of God. (Acts 9:20)
      Holy Spirit, help me preach Jesus wherever you send me.

Then the churches throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria had peace and were edified. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they were multiplied. (Acts 9:31)
      Jesus, I pray for all of the parishes of this diocese that they will have peace and be edified; that they will walk in the fear of God and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit; and that they will be multiplied.

But know that the LORD has set apart for himself him who is godly; the LORD will hear when I call to him. (Psalm 4:3)
      LORD, help me to be godly; hear me when I call out to you. Thank you.

My defense is of God, who saves the upright in heart. (Psalm 7:10)
      LORD, help me to be upright in heart.

I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness, and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High. (Psalm 7:17)
      Father, Son and Holy Spirit, help me to sing your praises.

WORD: Seek my blessing. I love you.
WORD: Keep asking for my word. Ask for me to speak to your heart.
WORD: I want you to keep your attention on me through everything.
WORD: Come to me -- I AM waiting.

Daily Lectionary
Monday: 1, 2, 3 * 4, 7; Job 4:1,5:1-11,17-21,26-27: Acts 9:19b-31: John 6:52-59
Tuesday: 5, 6 * 10, 11; Job 6:1-4,8-15,21: Acts 9:32-43: John 6:60-71

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple
AUGUST 25 Church of the Nativity, Star Lake;\ The Rev’d Jerry Adinolfi, Jr.

***** Jesus Heals a Paralytic (Part:1) from Union Church of Manila Part 1 of Luke 5:17-26 by Pastor Steve Ruetschle at the Union Church of Manila, August 10, 2014

***** Jesus Heals a Paralytic (Part:2 - Forgiveness) from Union Church of Manila Part 2 of Luke 5:17-26 by Pastor Steve Ruetschle at the Union Church of Manila, August 17, 2014

***** Sun, Aug 24, 2014, “Healing Our Hearts”, Jesus Heals a Paralytic Part 3 (Luke 5: 17-26) by Pastor Steve Ruetschle:
Albany Intercessor

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


8/20/2014, #12, 3rd Quarter 2014

Out of the depths I have cried to you, O LORD; Lord, hear my voice! Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications. If you, LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with you, that you may be feared. I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I do hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than those who watch for the morning-- yes, more than those who watch for the morning. O Israel, hope in the LORD; for with the LORD there is mercy, And with him is abundant redemption. And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities. (Psalm 130:1-8 )
      [Prayer by Steve Ruetschie, Pastor of the Union Church of Manila, from Jesus Heals a Paralytic (Part:2 - Forgiveness)]
      Lord Jesus Christ, send Your Holy Spirit into my life and fill me with your love for people. Especially in regard to (name), whom I have a hard time forgiving, help me to see him [or her] as you see him. Take out of my heart the desire to get even. Show me some good quality in him that I haven't seen before. I pray that You bless this person in abundance. Free me from any judgmentalism on my part, and help me to love the person as You do. Please help us to reconcile our relationship. If he needs to change, help him do that, but help me to change too, and show me any areas where I may be blind. Pour out Your love into my heart. Forgive me my sins as I forgive those who have hurt me. In Jesus name, Amen.

WORD: Pray for forgiveness among my people.
Daily Lectionary
Wednesday: 119:145-176 * 128, 129, 130; Judges 18:16-31: Acts 8:14-25: John 6:1-15
Thursday: 131, 132, [133] * 134, 135; Job 1:1-22: Acts 8:26-40: John 6:16-27

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple
AUGUST 20 The Deans

***** Jesus Heals a Paralytic (Part:1) from Union Church of Manila Part 1 of Luke 5:17-26 by Pastor Steve Ruetschle at the Union Church of Manila, August 10, 2014

***** Jesus Heals a Paralytic (Part:2 - Forgiveness) from Union Church of Manila Part 2 of Luke 5:17-26 by Pastor Steve Ruetschle at the Union Church of Manila, August 17, 2014

Albany Intercessor

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


8/19/2014, #11, 3rd Quarter 2014

Then she came and worshiped Him, saying, "Lord, help me!" But He answered and said, "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the little dogs." And she said, "Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters' table." (Matthew 15:25-27)
      Lord Jesus, I am willing to take whatever crumbs fall from your table for me.

WORD: Desire all that I have for you.

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes. (Judges 17:6)
      Lord, that is still true today. No one in our government speaks with your voice or authority and the people are being led into moral folly.

They forgot God their Savior, who had done great things in Egypt, wondrous works in the land of Ham, awesome things by the Red Sea. (Psalm 106:21-22)
      Father, help us by your Holy Spirit to remember your saving works.

Save us, O LORD our God, and gather us from among the Gentiles, to give thanks to your holy name, to triumph in your praise. (Psalm 106:47)
      Save us, Jesus, for your mercy is great.

Then Jesus answered and said to them, "Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do; for whatever he does, the Son also does in like manner. (John 5:19)
      Father you have given us a Spirit of adoption as sons of yours. Help us to be like Jesus and do whatever you desire us to do.

WORD: Pray that I will give you ears to hear and eyes to see what I am doing.

I can of myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge; and my judgment is righteous, because I do not seek my own will but the will of the Father who sent me. (John 5:30)
      Jesus, please bring us to that same standard of righteousness where we judge based on the Father's will.

Those who trust in the LORD Are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. (Psalm 125:1)
      LORD, bring us to such a level of trust.

And there will be a tabernacle for shade in the daytime from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain. (Isaiah 4:6)
      Jesus, you are my shelter from storm and rain, and my shelter from the heat of the day, and my place of refuge. Thank you.

Daily Lectionary
Tuesday: [120], 121, 122, 123 * 124, 125, 126, [127]; Judges 18:1-15: Acts 8:1-13: John 5:30-47
Wednesday: 119:145-176 * 128, 129, 130; Judges 18:16-31: Acts 8:14-25: John 6:1-15

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple
AUGUST 19 St. Andrew’s, Scotia -The Rev’d Michael Neufeld, The Rev’d Jackie J. Dowling, The Rev’d Mary Carol Hart

***** Jesus Heals a Paralytic (Part:2 - Forgiveness) from Union Church of Manila Part 2 of Luke 5:17-26 by Pastor Steve Ruetschle at the Union Church of Manila, August 17, 2014

***** SAINT ANN'S OF AMSTERDAM, (Monday, Aug. 18, 2014; 10-11 a.m. in front of our church on Division Street. James Bryant, John Banfield and Deacon Alan Hart presiding at His table today.)

a -- anointed with Holy Oil.
t -- received wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina.
f -- received free, non-perishable food we offer.
c -- received free good, clean used clothing we offer.

f,t -- BETSY -- Has not come to the table for a few months but was waiting for us today. She asked prayers for her sister MARGARET, who does not believe in God and resents that Betsy DOES! We prayed that Margaret will eventually come to know Jesus.

f,c -- EDWIN -- Asked for a general prayer of blessing on him.

f,c -- DONNA -- She is the distance runner who always stop during her run. We prayed for her to be safe as she runs in and around Amsterdam.

f,c,t, t -- TWO WOMEN (no names) -- These two first-time visitors came and took food, clothing and crosses but politely declined prayer.

a -- DARCY -- This woman always comes for prayer and anointing with Holy Oil. She seldom takes any food.

f,c -- NANCY -- Gave her a prayer for safety and preservation.

a,t, f,c -- MARIA -- She was in the background and saw me anointing Darcy and praying for her, so she came over and pointed at the oil stock and nodded her head. We prayed for her good health and safety.

t,a -- JODDY --- Another person who used to come by regularly but has not in awhile. She said she lives further away now and can't get to us as easily. She sat with us quite awhile and asked for prayer for an infected tooth that has been bothering her. She refused any food or clothing. She said "A lot of other people around here need it more than I do."

RACHAEL -- This young lady is my daughter! She lives in Canajoharie but was "checking out the table" while her daughter Katie was at the dentist around the corner. Rachael helped me bring out food and clothes for the people while she visited. (And what a dumb thing: I forgot to pray for her!)

t, f -- ED -- On his way over to the Masonic Temple for the free lunch he stopped for a cross and took a little food. We prayed for God to watch over him and protect him.

t -- CARSON -- This red-haired boy of about 13 came with his father (no name) and asked us for a cross. We prayed that he will always walk in God's ways.

f,c -- MARSHALL -- Want to talk about breakthroughs? This man (who apparently has some behavioral problems) used to cuss at me and make gestures from the other side of the street. But John and James have both befriended him to the point where he now comes over regularly to visit with us and take a few items of food and clothing or shoes. But today for the FIRST time Marshall acknowledged my welcoming greeting to him. He looked at me and sort of smiled and said "I don't need prayers from you because I walk with the Lord and I say my OWN prayers." I told him, "I respect that!"

t,f,c -- ALBERTO -- He comes every week and always requests very special prayers. This time he wanted prayers for " ... all the people in the world who are infected with HIV, and also for people all over the world who have no place to call home."

f,c,t,t -- ANGIE -- Asked for prayers for her two sons and one daughter "to be safe and come to know Christ."

f,c -- EDDIE (and son, no name given) -- Asked for general prayer to be safe and to keep their good health.

f,c -- BOB -- Older man who is very large. This time we had some clothes that fit him! We prayed for continued healing from heart problems he experienced earlier this summer.

***** Women's Retreat Opportunity
      Please join us Sept. 5-6 at Tools of Recovery: A Touch of Beauty, a retreat for women at the Dominican Retreat Center. Come, discover and build spiritual wellness for the ups and downs of life’s journey. We will explore ways to see our inner beauty, as God sees us. The retreat is sponsored by Healing a Woman's Soul.For information please call 315-725-6504 or email

Albany Intercessor

Saturday, August 16, 2014


8/16/2014, #10, 3rd Quarter 2014

'Then the LORD said to him, "Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground. (Acts 7:33)
      Holy Spirit, please help us recognize when we are standing on holy ground and respond as you desire.

I have surely seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt; I have heard their groaning and have come down to deliver them. And now come, I will send you to Egypt." Acts 7:34)
      Father, hear the cries of your people who are being oppressed by war and famine in the Middle East and by disease in West Africa, and come and deliver them.

Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous! For praise from the upright is beautiful. (Psalm 33:1)
      Jesus, help us find our joy in you and praise you in our worship.

Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his mercy, (Psalm 33:18 )
      LORD, you are my hope -- have mercy on me a sinner.

WORD: Tell people what I have done for you.

Daily Lectionary
Saturday: 107:33-43, 108:1-6(7-13) * 33; Judges 16:1-14: Acts 7:30-43: John 5:1-18
Sunday: 118 * 145; Judges 16:15-31: 2 Cor. 13:1-11: Mark 5:25-34
Holy Communion
67; Isaiah 56:1(2-5)6-7; Romans 11:13-15,29-32; Matthew 15:21-28

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple
AUGUST 16 St. Stephens, Schuylerville -The Rev’d John Kettlewell The Rev’d Dr. Leander Harding

***** An amazing testimony by a Muslim who became a Christian:

***** Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report, Saturday, Auguest 16, 2014, 9:10 - 10:30 a.m.Steve Evans and Torre Bissell on State St. and Mark Pasko and Dn. Larry Hubert on Albany St.

+--indicates received a wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina
199--"199 Promises of God", a small paperback with encouraging quotes from the Bible
NT-- indicates received a New Testament
B--indicates received a Bible

State St.

+Debbie (woman) -- She asked prayer for her "ex-husband who died."

Torre and Steve -- We prayed for Jean's health.

+Denise (woman) -- She prayed "that you will have a blessed day."

+Tyrone (man) -- He asked prayer that he would get out of the shelter and have a better life. He is still trying to walk with Jesus.

+Ronald (young man) -- He asked prayer for his nephew Bradon who is "in a bad situation". Ronald is a Christian.

NT Deborah (regular) -- We prayer for an apartment for her and for Miss Mary with whom she is staying.

+ NT Tom -- He initially wanted prayer for his girlfriend who died two years ago. Then he confessed his sins and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He said, "I feel better already." He is a big, tough guy who was crying when told that he was now clean.

+Dave (man) -- He wants to reconnect with his son and get back in touch with him. He is trying to walk with Jesus.

+Lincoln (man) -- He is walking daily with Jesus.

+ NT Wayne (young man) -- He confessed his sins to Jesus and accepted him as Lord and Savior. Then he said, "Thank you, Lord Jesus."

Eric (Macedonia 7th Day Adventist Church on Swan St. Pastor) and his son Gabriel -- We prayed for God to raise up more witnesses in Schenectady and for the power of the Holy Spirit to come on his congregation.


+Athena (young woman) and + NT Isaac (young man) -- Isaac confessed his sins and gave his life to Jesus.

+Raymond (man) -- "Things are going good."

Dave -- He asked prayer for the service he would be helping with at Summit Towers.

+John (man) -- He asked prayer that he would continue to walk with Jesus.

Donna -- She asked prayer for "good health for my family."

B Shamere (young man) -- He confessed his sins and gave his life to Jesus.

Albany St.

+ Ed (man) -- For protection and healing from a fall

Priest (man) -- For help in replacing personal information that he lost.

Mike (mail man) -- Prayer for protection.

Harolina (woman who speaks no English) -- We prayed for protection in her life.

Jackie (woman) -- "Hit and Run" prayer

+William (man) -- He needs furniture for his home. He needs to be able to cash his check. Finances.

Jayson -- "Hit and Run" prayer.

***** Missions Workshop

Hello everyone, Spread the word on this and mark your calendars.
      There will be a missions workshop on November 1st, 2014 at St. Stephen's Church Delmar. The workshop starts with refreshments and registration from 8:00 - 9:00 am. There will be a talk by long term missionary, The Rev. Dr. Shaw Mudge. He topic will be problems that short and long term missionaries suffer from as they reenter home returning from a mission trip or project. There will also be several reports from people who have done a mission trip or project in 2013 or 2014. The workshop will conclude around 1:00 pm. More information will follow in the coming months. For updates on this scheduled event contact Tom Gizara at or cellphone # 518 653-9433.
Tom Gizara, Missions Committee chairman

Albany Intercessor

Friday, August 15, 2014


8/15/2014, #9, 3rd Quarter 2014

Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! (Psalm 107:1a)
      Father, thank you for your goodness -- for sending your son Jesus to us and your Holy Spirit.

For His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 107:1b)
      Thank you, FAther, that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us.

Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he has redeemed from the hand of the enemy (Psalm 107:2)
      Jesus, thank you for paying the cost of my redemption.

WORD: I long for my people to cry out to me for help.

Daily Lectionary
Friday: 102 * 107:1-32; Judges 14:20-15:20: Acts 7:17-29: John 4:43-54
Saturday: 107:33-43, 108:1-6(7-13) * 33; Judges 16:1-14: Acts 7:30-43: John 5:1-18

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple
AUGUST 15 St. Stephen’s, Schenectady -The Rev’d James McDonald, The Rev’d Patricia Jones The Rev’d Arthur Garno

***** Diocese of Albany, Bishop's Message, August 14, 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you may have heard, the persecution of Christians in Iraq is growing more serious each day. The Islamic extremist group IS (formerly known as ISIS) has declared a part of Iraq and Syria as a caliphate - a separate Islamic state - and are using this as a reason to brutally murder Christians. The town of Qaraqosh, a predominantly Christian city, was captured a few days ago, with terrifying and horrible results for the Christians living there. Similar violent attacks have happened in Mosul and Nineveh, with many residents of these cities fleeing to another Christian city in the north, Erbil. However, there are many who say that this city is the next city that will be attacked by the IS extremists.

In light of these dire circumstances for our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, many primates of the Anglican Communion, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and our Presiding Bishop, have issued calls to prayer for the Christians in Iraq. The Presiding Bishop has asked the churches in the Episcopal Church to observe Sunday, August 17th as a day of prayer for those in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. I encourage all of you to join in prayer this Sunday, and in your daily prayers, for the Christians suffering persecution in Iraq. I encourage you to pray not only that the IS group's militant activities be stopped and for peace to prevail in Iraq, but also for the protection of our Christian brothers and sisters as they attempt to flee to safety. I also encourage all of you to pray specifically for the Christian clergy in Iraq, for provision for the refugees fleeing the violence, and for the perseverance of those helping both the refugees and those choosing to stay in their homes.

Your Brother in Christ, +Bill

***** Healing Eucharist on Saturday, August 16 at 6 pm. We will begin with contemporary praise and worship music, celebrate Eucharist, and prayer teams will be available following the Eucharist. Childcare is available during the service. This service will take place on the third Saturday of every month at 6 pm.

***** Please join us at St. Michael's, Colonie, this Friday, August 15 @7pm for our monthly Prayer & Praise service. We begin with Worship, share in the Word, give and receive Prayer, and experience Holy Communion. Please come and join us, and bring a friend to this relaxed service. We desire to go deeper in our relationship.

***** Schenectady City Mission Prayer Table Report, Thursday, August 14, 2014, 5:00 - 6:35 p.m.. Torre Bissell from Christ Church Schenectady. This took place during the evening meal at the City Mission.

+--indicates received a wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina
NT--indicates received a New Testament

Dan (staff) -- He asked prayer for Ted (volunteer) who is in his 80s and went to the ER yesterday in great pain. We prayed for healing and relief of pain. Dan also asked prayer for his wife Lori and his daughter Shannon who are traveling to Tennessee.

Gary (staff) -- He asked prayer for the refugees in the Middle East.

Sue (woman) -- We prayed for clarity of sight for her and an end the seizures she has had since age 7. She is a follower of Jesus.

Anthony (volunteer) -- He asked prayer for all the lost sheep there at the meal.

+ NT Michael (young man, 32) -- He gave his life to Jesus confessing his sins and accepting God's forgiveness.

Tina (woman) -- She asked prayer for her mother Helga who is terminally ill; we prayed that she would live and die in the hope of the resurrection. Tina also asked prayer for her daughter Breena and for Darreell (15) whom she hopes to adopt.

***** Diocesan Events:
Community of St. Mary 150th Anniversary Celebration
      The Community of St. Mary in Greenwich, NY warmly invite their Associates, friends, clergy, and fellow Episcopalians to a special celebration at the Convent on Sunday, August 17. The day will begin with tea with the Sisters at 4 pm. Tea will be followed by a festal celebration of Evensong and Benediction, which will inaugurate the 150th year of the founding of the Community of St. Mary. The Preacher for this inaugural celebration will be the Rev. Mark Michael, Rector of Christ Church, Cooperstown. (Clergy attending are invited to vest - white stole - and process). The service will be followed by the blessing of the new outside Stations of the Cross. The day will conclude with a barbecue on the Convent front lawn. This begins a very special year for the Community and it will be a joy to welcome our old friends and to make new ones on this special day. If you plan to attend any part of the day, please RSVP to Mother Miriam by phone at 518-692-3028 or by email by clicking .

Healing a Woman's Soul Fall Retreat
      Healing a Woman's Soul, a ministry for victims of domestic violence or other abuse, is holding their fall retreat, entitled Tools for the Journey: A Touch of Beauty from September 5th through the 6th at the Dominican Retreat Center, Rt. 7, Niskayuna, NY 12309. The cost is $110, however, scholarships are available on a first-come, first served basis. The retreat is open to all women. For additional information or to register, please contact Denise Moore, Retreat Coordinator, by calling 315-725-6504 or you can e-mail Healing a Woman's Soul Retreats by clicking .

Benefit Concert for Deacon Brenda Nickles
      On Tuesday, September 30, at 6:30 p.m. at St. Ann's Church, 37 Division Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010 the husband/wife deacon team of Alan and MaryCarol Hart will perform a benefit concert for Deacon Brenda Nickles. The concert is free, but a free-will offering will be taken with all donations given going to a fund for Deacon Brenda, who serves as Deacon Vicar at St. Luke's Church in Chatham. Brenda was diagnosed with cancer some time ago and thankfully underwent surgery which was completely successful, though some follow-up treatment is necessary. When this illness was diagnosed, Brenda did not have health insurance and consequently is facing some significant bills. There will also be a bake sale during and following the Harts' concert, with all proceeds also going to the fund for Deacon Brenda.       Healing Service

Guest Preacher - Rev. Art Peters
      The preacher at the Service of Healing at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center on Tuesday, August 19th will be Rev. Art Peters, Priest-in-Charge at Trinity Church, Granville. Fr. Peters has been Priest-in-Charge since his ordination to the priesthood in March of 2012, serving as their Deacon Vicar from 2003 until 2012. He also has a full-time secular job as a floor covering salesman. Fr. Peters will be speaking on Our Journey Through Life as Mirrored in the Gospels. The Healing service begins at 10 a.m. Opportunity for individual prayer ministry occurs at the end of the service. Lunch is available for purchase in the dining room of the Welcome Center afterwards.

New Consecration Guest Leader Training
      On Saturday, August 23rd from 9 am - 3 pm St. Mark's Church, 34 Elm Street, Malone, NY 12953 will be hosting Guest Leader Training for the New Consecration Sunday program. This training is intended for clergy or parish leaders who want to learn how to be the Guest Leader of this program. Please note this training is not intended for members of stewardship teams, but only those desiring to be Guest Leaders. For more information, contact Archdeacon Harvey Huth by calling (518 ) 765-4625 or e-mail him by clicking . To register for the training session, click . The registration deadline is 5:00 pm, Friday, August 15th.

International Leaders School of Ministry
      You are invited to a safe place where the Holy Spirit ministers to ministers and the hungry at heart. It's a life-changing school for leaders and people with a heart for ministry that is especially designed for full time ministers, those in any leadership role, or anyone in training for ministry with a desire to go deeper with the Lord. The class will be held September 2 - 5 at St. Michael's Church, 49 Killean Park, Albany, NY 12205. The classes are taught by leaders from Catch the Fire in Toronto. For an overview of this seminar, click . For more detailed information, including speaker biographies and a schedule, click .

Christian Formation Workshop
      It takes a lifetime to learn how to follow Jesus. Join Calvary Church, 85 Lakehill Road, Burnt Hills, NY 12027 for a Christian formation workshop on Saturday, September 13th from 9 am til 3 pm. The workshop will explore some best practices for sharing the Christian faith across all generations. The workshop will also look at how to create sustainable programs across changes in leadership where both teachers and learners are fed. Doors will open at 8:30 am and lunch will be provided. The workshop is free, however a donation of $5 would be appreciated to help defray lunch costs. To register, call (518 ) 399-7230 or you can e-mail Calvary's Office Manager by clicking .

Anglicans For Life Quasar Conference
      A quasar is an astronomical body that produces vast amounts of energy and is extremely luminous. Anglicans for Life's three-hour Quasar Conference energizes God's people to affirm life and shine the light of God's love on the culture of death in our society. On September 20th, from 9 am until noon, Christ Church, 970 State Street, Schenectady, NY 12307, will host a Quasar Conference. During the conference, Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life, will illuminate the truth of abortion and euthanasia in their cultural and spiritual context in Western culture. The last hour of the conference will discuss practical ways that your church can celebrate, protect, and honor life, ponder the question "Are these pastoral issues for the church?" along with focusing on developing and energizing ministry, education and advocacy to prevent abortion and assisted suicide, using God-centered outreach! For more information, click xxx .

Bible Symposium
      The annual Bible Symposium will be on Saturday, September 27th at The Cathedral of All Saints, 62 Swan Street, Albany, NY. The speaker this year will be Dr. Garwood Anderson, Professor of New Testment and Greek at Nashotah House Theological Seminary. Dr. Anderson's presentation is based on Romans 6-8 and is entitled, "What Then, Shall We Say? The Rest of the Gospel According to St. Paul." The symposium begins at 9:30 am and will conclude at 2:30 pm. Doors open at 8:30 am. The cost is $20, and you can register by clicking .

Tent Meeting
      St. Luke's Church, 4 St. Luke's Place, Cambridge, NY 12816 is hosting a Tent Meeting Friday, September 5 through Sunday, September 7. The meeting features an exciting line-up of speakers including Pastor Dave Martin of Hope United Methodist Church in Troy, Pastor Brian Weeks of Solomon's Porch, Fall River, MA, Pastor Charlie Muller of Victory Christian Church in Albany, and Father Nigel Mumford, of By His Wounds Christian Ministry, Virginia Beach, VA. The meeting will begin Friday at 6:00 pm and conclude with Holy Eucharist on Sunday at 9:00 am. For more information, click .

Albany Intercessor

Thursday, August 14, 2014


8/14/2014, #8, 3rd Quarter 2014

Jesus answered and said to her, "If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, 'Give me a drink,' you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water." (John 4:10)
      Jesus, please help us know you more so that we too ask for your living water.

Jesus answered and said to her, "Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life." (John 4:13-14)
      Jesus, I admit it -- I too thirst for more of your living water. I long for the fount of water to spring up in me more and more.

But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship him. (John 4:23)
      Father, please help me by your Holy Spirit to worship you in spirit and truth.

Then the twelve summoned the multitude of the disciples and said, "It is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables. Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business; but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word." (Acts 6:2-4)
      Holy Spirit, guide the leaders of this diocese and of our parishes so that they rightly use their time in prayer and the ministry of the word.

And teach me your statutes. I am your servant; give me understanding, that I may know your testimonies. (Psalm 119:124b-125)
      Holy Spirit, please help me share with others the testimony of what God the Father has done through Jesus to bring us to salvation.

WORD: I AM the Lord of the harvest; follow me.
WORD: Seek my face.
WORD: I want to give you more of my Holy Spirit.

Daily Lectionary
Thursday: 105:1-22 * 105:23-45; Judges 14:1-19: Acts 6:15-7:16: John 4:27-42
Friday: 102 * 107:1-32; Judges 14:20-15:20: Acts 7:17-29: John 4:43-54

      Notes from the Front Lines

Daily: For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple
AUGUST 13 Diocese of Down and Dromore, Church of Ireland and Bishop Harold Miller The Rev’d James McDonald
14 Church of the Holy Spirit, Schenevus -The Rev’d Richard Knudson

Please watch this video of a sermon from my daughter Sarah's church in Manila, the Philippines: It is entitled Jesus Heals a Paralytic (Part:1).

***** Healing Eucharist on Saturday, August 16 at 6 pm. We will begin with contemporary praise and worship music, celebrate Eucharist, and prayer teams will be available following the Eucharist. Childcare is available during the service. This service will take place on the third Saturday of every month at 6 pm. For more information visit our website

***** Rob Sutherland [in Australia]
We have just (last week) concluded our Warrior Welcome Home Retreat in Sydney which God blessed wonderfully.
Blessings Rob

***** Please join us at St. Michael's, Colonie, this Friday, August 15 @7pm for our monthly Prayer & Praise service. We begin with Worship, share in the Word, give and receive Prayer, and experience Holy Communion. Please come and join us, and bring a friend to this relaxed service. We desire to go deeper in our relationship.

***** ST. ANN'S OF AMSTERDAM (Monday, Aug. 4, 2014; 10-11 a.m. ion front of our church on Division Street. James Bryant and Deacon Alan Hart presiding at His table.)

a -- anointed with Holy Oil.
t -- received wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina.
f -- received free non-perishable food we offer.
c -- received free good, used clothing/shoes we offer.

f,c -- NANCY -- Said "God bless you" after she took food and clothing she said she needs "to get by."

t -- WOMAN (no name) -- Came across the street and asked for a cross. We prayed a blessing on her but she did not seem to understand English. But .. she understood the cross and that we were praying for her.

t,f,c -- HUMBERTO -- First-time visitor to the table. Asked for prayer for his mother (no name) who is ill and for his own good health to continue.

f -- MARSHALL -- At one time a critic of our table, Marshall now comes nearly every week to talk with us. He usually takes one can of soup or spaghetti ... all he needs for that day, and saves the rest for others. He told us "I've got God in my life, so life is good."

t,t -- ALBERTO -- Very serious young man. Sat right down without our even asking, and asked for prayer " ... for people to be able to find jobs, for my family and for me to have more faith." Whew!

c,f,t -- DONNA -- Distance runner who often stops by at the end of her runs through and around Amsterdam. Asked for prayer for her husband JOE who is seriously ill.

t,f,c,a -- ANGIE -- Asked for prayer for good health and prosperity. We prayed for God to give her the things she needs, not necessarily what she wants. HIS will be done.

f,c -- BOB -- This older man has been coming by regularly each week and takes food and clothing. He is a very big man so we seldom have anything his size. We prayed for continued good health after recent heart problems.

t,f,c -- GEORGIANA -- She requested prayers for peace in the world and for healing within the church.

a,t -- VIRGINIA --Sat down just as we were about to close down and she asked for prayer for her friend CHERI, who is having an operation soon.


(Monday, Aug. 11, 2014; 9:45-11 a.m. in front of our church. Very steamy, hot day near 90. John Banfield, James Bryant, Lionel Gibbs and Deacon Alan Hart presiding at His table.)

a,f,c -- REBECCA --She comes almost every week and she was waiting for us to open the table. In fact, she was the very FIRST person to ever come to our Prayer Table when it first opened on July 9, 2012. She asked for prayer this time for her nephew MICHAEL -- the two-year-old boy who was beaten and had his leg broken by a man who is not a member of the family. (This was in newspaper and TV reports last weekend.) This was the saddest story I have ever heard at any prayer table anywhere. We prayed at length for healing for this little boy and for peace for Rebecca, who often takes care of him and sometimes even brings him to the table. Please keep this boy and this family in your prayers!

t,f,c -- EDWIN and young family -- Asked for a blessing on him and his family.

t -- SUSAN -- Recently told us a neighbor's dog needed better care and asked us to look into it. We did, and the city police are observing the situation and say he is not being mistreated. We prayed for the animal's continued safety and health, anyway.

t -- ED -- Man who often comes by for a few cans of food and checks out the clothing. This time he walked right to to the table, scooped up one of the crosses and smiled. He declined prayer and everything else but said "I've got this; this is all I want; this is all I need today!"

ETHEL -- This older woman hasn't been at the table very often recently but has been coming off and on since we began. She calls us "The street angels" and hugs us and thanks us for being "out here for the people." She never accepts a thing even though we know she is needy.

f,c -- SHERRY -- Sherry has been coming to the table for prayer for neck and back pain for about as year. After we prayed for her continued healing, she took some food and clothing and also asked for some cardboard boxes to help her when she moves to another community soon.

f,t,c -- CONSUELA -- This Spanish-speaking woman came with another woman (no name) who told us Consuela is "very sick" and needs prayer. We prayed for healing for Consuela.

MAN -- (no name) --- Walked to the table with a carton of green and yellow squash to give to people at the table. How nice of him!

f -- BOB -- The large man who comes every week came for prayer again.

t,f,c -- ANGIE (Different from the Angie of last week) -- She came to the table for the first time and asked for prayers for herself and her sons JODEN and RYAN (who were with her) and her daughter CHASTITY (who was not with them.)

f,c -- DONNA -- The distance runner we mentioned in last week's account was just finishing up a 22-mile run! After she caught her breath a bit, we prayed for her safety and preservation as she runs through town.

***** Welcome Home Initiative - Oct 20-22

A three day healing retreat for military veterans and spouses of those veterans who have served their country in combat and may be suffering in varying degrees from Post-Traumatic Stress or Moral Injury and are in need of Soul Repair. The Welcome Home Initiative© is designed to bring awareness of the hidden impact of combat service while assuring veterans and spouses of a welcoming and safe place to accomplish essential spiritual and emotional healing.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, churches, and other organizations, there is no cost for a combat veteran or their spouse to attend a Welcome Home Initiative©
Retreat. We offer this program to thank them for their service to our country.

For more information or to register for this unique retreat, email, or call (518 ) 692-9550 ext. 112.

***** Donna in Ghana Intercessors August 2014

Long time since I wrote, I am sorry. It seems when I need prayer the most, I get a little “frozen” and can’t write. Thank you for continuing to lift me up when the Lord brings me to your mind and heart even when I do not write.

Personally for me: I just finished with a bout of malaria. Praise the Lord that I do not get it very often a lot less than many people I know. Pray that I get my full pep back, for some reason not quite up to speed yet. I am supposed to take iron, but caffeine, calcium, and food block its absorption, o it is hard to find a time to take it! Added to that, I am not sleeping well. Part of this is anticipation of the changes to come, but I also feel a sense of increased spiritual warfare. So, I could use prayer for full health, good restful sleep, and spiritual peace and rest.

For Ghana and for Donna in Ghana: Things are very difficult for Ghana right now. The economy is doing very poorly. The money has depreciated and prices have risen drastically over this past year. Businesses are closing and the government I not doing well. Some of you might be aware that the Ghanaian World Cup soccer players embarrassed the country by demanding that their pay be sent to them in Barcelona. It was not a good thing to do publically, but there was reason for them to be concerned that they might not see what they were promised. The government is not reimbursing the hospitals for health care, so hospitals are no longer accepting the national health insurance. Since my income is from the US in dollars, I have not had it as difficult as many. But recently there has been another increase in fuel prices, resulting in increases across the board. This one will be a real struggle because salaries have to be increased substantially, in addition to the increase in prices for everything the ministry does related to education and the IAM Bible schools, not to mention my living costs.

Upcoming move: I feel good about how things are going here in Sunyani and am confident it will continue to be so when I move. But still continue to pray for Ps. Joe and as he assumes more of the duties of the NGO and IAM Bible school. Pray for all the arrangements and finances for the move in October. I am currently involved in the new work mentally, making arrangements, etc., and spiritually though not physically yet. Pray that all the pieces fall into place. A seven person team is coming on 9/30 for 2 weeks and will work to make the place ready for me to move in, as well as see to the government requirements to get the ministry going again. Pray for Pastor Gerrie and this team from Titian Ministries in Canada, for the fundraising they are doing and all the preparatory arrangements they have to make. I will be with them then return to Sunyani for my things. I plan on moving around 10/23. Right after I move, a young couple whom I knew at Pinecrest Bible Training Center and are ministry supporters, are coming for 6 weeks to help me settle in! Pray for Jon and Rebecca Carella as they are currently applying for a visa. A lot of activity and a lot to coordinate, but full of blessings from the Lord!

Ministry planning meeting: Ps. Joe, Ps. Ransford, and I are the directors of IAM-Ghana, the NGO (Nongovernmental organization, like a non-profit agency). Most of the ministry I have been doing as “Donna in Ghana,” except some of my speaking, falls under this NGO. We are going to spend time in prayer and discussion on Friday, 8/22, to set goals and priorities for the ministry. We already et in preparation so we can come already spiritually prepared to discuss what we see the Lord doing and hear Him saying. Pray for us as we prepare and also pray for us on 8/22. The essential work will not change, but we need to have a planned approach to moving forward.

Babies: Please pray for the following pastors who have been married for a while and want children but have not yet had any. Pastor Joe; 2 other pastors from the church – Pastor Matthew and Pastor Eric; two IAM Bible school teachers – Pastor Stephen and Pastor Sam; and Appiah, my other “son.”

I believe that is all for now. I appreciate hearing from you if you receive any words or impressions in prayer! May the Lord bless you for your care and faithfulness!

Love and blessings, Donna

***** Mudge Making a Difference Prayer Mail for Tuesday, August 12
Dear partners in prayer, This is our public prayer mail for August 12.
This week's selective overview:
      Dates have been tentatively confirmed for the first ordinations in Belize in several years, in late September, as well as for the pre-ordination retreat (I may be serving in the role of Spiritual Director for the retreat), pending the final documents from the candidates.
      Work continues for the preparation of upcoming course materials.
      Preparation continues for "move week", all next week.
      I will continue to maintain a base of operations in the Diocese of Albany for some time to come. Therefore, Sunday visits to parishes in the Diocese of Albany continue after the move, and I have been asked to make a presentation at the upcoming mission conference in the Diocese of Albany.
Prayer requests:
      1) Pray for the mission work in Belize, the translation of the online course work into Spanish for Belize and surrounding countries, and the on-going work of the Spanish version of the Book of Common Prayer for the Church in the Province of the West Indies.
      2) Pray for my part in the ordination process, as the ordination date gets closer.
      3) Pray for my course preparation work for the next on-line course that I plan to teach, beginning August 30th and lasting to mid-October: "What God has been doing in Anglicanism" (Anglican Church History/Liturgy).
      4) Pray also for my upcoming mission conference presentation.
      5) Pray for our transition to Manchester over the course of the next three weeks, and for Julie's transition to new responsibilities as staff hospital chaplain at two area hospitals. Pray for peace, effectiveness, love, joy, and creativity.
      God bless you. In Christ, Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ and Lydia.

Albany Intercessor

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