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Monday, May 28, 2007

 Continue to remember.
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 The American Cemetery in Manila
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Prayer by St. Richard of Chichester

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Monday, May 07, 2007


A note from Jean

***** Dear friends and intercessors,
      Thank you for all your prayers. The procedure at Saratoga Hospital went really well. Tamba (our middle son) drove us up and hovered over us. The nurses were wonderful and best of all the doctor who did the procedure had once had it done to him! At 11 AM they took us downstairs, positioned me on a table on my tummy with pillows. The doctor had an X-ray machine that showed him what he was doing as he did it. Then he injected Novocain and the medicine into the worst spot. He had warned me that once he got to the nerve I would feel pain -- I practically jumped off the table and they had to hold me in place and then told me to hold my breath and grin and bear it. It was soon over. The second one wasn't very painful. Soon I had a wonderful 2-3 hours till the Novocain wore off. However the pain afterwards is not as bad as before. It will be 2-3 days or weeks till I see the real results.
      I was told that "at my age" (76) people frequently need a second treatment that improves things and last several months. The basic problem this doctor said was arthritis -- bone on bone stuff like my knees were. I have to "be good" and "stay really quiet" for 3 days -- a challenge if I'm feeling a little better. Thanks for all the prayers. Remember to call or email Doris with prayer requests this week. I still have "brain fog" from all the pain meds I'm on.

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