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Saturday, June 30, 2007


A word received

A word received: You do not need to be afraid; I AM with you, holding you up. I will be with you in the time of tumult. I AM with you even when you are afraid. You are in my care -- cast your cares on me; I care for you.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Christine and Michael Hales report on revival services in Philmont.

      I'm sorry it has taken me some time to get back to you-we've just returned from a business trip to Chicago. But the Revival was a blessing to us and all who attended. Some of the fruits are:

      We had a faithful group of senior citizens who attended each of the five services! This was the group we thought would not attend at all.

      The three churches in Philmont had a good representation of their already churched people plus invited guests. The three ministers plus Michael, myself and two growing house churches were able to enthusiastically worship and fellowship together and agree that we want to do more Ecumenical gatherings. We have two projected for this summer: an Ecumenical healing service, and an ecumenical Revival followup picnic and barbque where we will discuss our strategies for the upcoming year.

      We sponsored a free hot dog and watermelon barbque on Saturday and Sunday of the Revival and we had about TWENTY CHILDREN! They ran and played beautifully on the village green that Sunday while the service was going on. About 12 of them gave their lives to Christ on Friday night - they were provided with counsel and teaching after they went up. Some of them are the street urchins even our tiny town has. They admit they were coming for the free food but they are staying for the fun, love and fellowship. Cathy McDarby, Mark's wife at St. Mark's Epsicopal has shepherded them all with a followup bible study around her back yard pool for the last several weeks and the group is growing. We plan to do some field trips with them to Victory Church in Albany which has a very active Youth ministry. We also have witnessed the raising up of a youth minister ! He and his mom came to church the week before the Revival because they heard about it. He's grown up all his life in Philmont and has experienced poverty all his life. He is now on fire for the Lord and to reach out to the youths- the younger boys love him! So now he and his mom come to St. Mark's too!

      Michael and I are being pastored by Pastor Wayne and Angela to have a bible study written by Derek Prince on the foundations of our faith. We will be having it with Mark and Cathy and probably a few others here in Philmont. It will complement our individual church membership by giving us a common study to share across the denominations.

      And of course Mike and I were stretched and blessed abundantly! We are so grateful to God and the Gwilliams for how they generously gave and poured out to us. The Gwilliams undertook this at their own financial expense during a busy time for them in planning their Crusades which are about to begin in the south. They are used to MUCH bigger crowns (and tents) but they insisted that if one person was saved it was worth it to them. I will be bringing their postcards to my icon table at convention to share with any other churches who may want to contact them.

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