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Sunday, March 23, 2008


A word received

A word received: I long for my people to turn back to me; I long for them to return to my arms of love. I hold out my arms to them and they turn away. Weep for my children who have gone astray; cry out to me for them. This should be a day of rejoicing for my people. It grieves me to see my people wandering away from me -- for my people have abandoned my gospel and listen to what pleases them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Welcome Home Initiative

Here follows a preliminarily report on "The Welcome Home Initiative" from Fr, Nigel Mumford.

I will write a full report on the WHI retreat but here are four immediate thoughts:

1) The Colonel Royal Marines who was with us for the program is fully intending to set up the same program for returning British veterans in the UK. I am so excited about this international possibility and the knock on effect. The SLC Albany diocese team has offered to help in any way we can. Look at the bigger picture here... God clearly has His blessings on this project. Please keep this in your prayers. To help heal the "wounded soul" of the war veteran and his or her family.

2) I am still amazed at something that happened that was totally unexpected. That is the interaction between the Vietnam vets and the new war veterans.... the Vietnam vets became grandfather figures, they really knew and understood what these chaps have been through, they have had thirty plus years to try to process this horror of war and now were turning it around right in front of us. For me that was the miracle of the WHI. The camaraderie and the compassion... the ever flowing tears... and then the healing laughter...
Personally, in this life of the call to the healing ministry, this has been a most blessed, unique and extraordinary experience. At least one Vietnam vet will be coming back as a mentor for the next program.

3) I have been having very long conversations with my dear wife although I am too old now to pull an all nighter... hahaha. One thing we have been talking about is the thought, "Is PTSD contagious?" That is within the family unit. Some time ago I had the privilege of working with people of the Jewish faith whose parents were in Nazi concentration camps. The siblings I worked with, were not in the camps but were showing "full on" symptoms of PTSD. The realization of the collateral damage in the long term effect is so important that family's come to the retreat.

4) The presentation digital bugle to the Greenwich group of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) went well. Many were very moved.

We have a lot of work to do...

More later...

I pray that you will all have a most blessed Easter...

God bless you and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped, prayed, payed, made baskets, made wonderful blankets, and helped make this project a huge success.

Thank you Jesus for the healing that has begun in so many....

And to the many veterans.... WELCOME HOME

Be well,

Fr. Nigel+

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Stephen Stewart's visa arrived this afternoon

Stephen Stewart's visa arrived this afternoon. He flies from Newark to Belfast tomorrow night. Deacon Alan Hart and I are driving him down to Newark tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for travel mercies and all the other et ceteras.

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