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Saturday, June 28, 2008



(6-28-08, in front of Christ Church, Schenectady; Torre Bissell and Deacon Alan Hart.)

a-- indicates anointed with Holy Oil
t-- indicates received one of Torre's crosses

      Note: An overall mood of grim gloom and of defiance on State Street today. More people than usual passed by looking angrily at us and shaking "No" or acting disinterested in our offers to pray for them.

t--LEROY -- Didn't want any specific prayers; we prayed for provision and protection for him and his family.

t-- DONNA -- Young mother with two children. She wanted prayers for "Health and Love." When we asked her if we could pray for her, she smiled widely and answered, "You sure can!"

JAMES -- An area minister. Torre prayed that James would get God's words for his message at his church today.

t--ROBERT -- In a hurry, on his way to work. We gave him a blessing for him while he is working.

JOHN --- The most disturbing event of the morning for us. John is a young man about 30 years old who stopped by in a friendly manner and wanted prayers "... for the return of my son." His son, Alex, is 7 months old, and the boy was taken away by social services because the mother is drug-addicted. John refuses any blame in this situation and says he is a good man who works hard 40 hours a week and is trying to get things "worked out" with his girlfriend. After we prayed for the safety of Alex and for God to be in the center of this situation, Torre suggested to John that he ask for forgiveness for his sins and his part in having had 3 children out of wedlock, and John replied that he has no reason to ask for forgiveness. John seems to want forgiveness and God's intervention, but on John's own terms. He admitted to having "a few beers" already this morning and having been in a fight with someone. Pray for this man. Deacon Alan suggested to John that he look for signs today that God is working in his life. Pray that Jesus will enter John's life today and drive away all the anger that is obviously in his heart.

t-ORLANDO -- Spanish-speaking young man. Very pleasant; wanted prayers for his mother and his child. He wanted to know what time our services are on Sunday so perhaps he will visit us Sunday. He came by the Table again a second time and we prayed for him again.

a,t -- ANDREW -- Andrew is an older man, very literate and cerebral. He formulated a long request for us to pray for him for forgiveness for being weak in a situation in which justice must prevail, and the incident in question was his own fault. Feeling very guilty for whatever happened; he did not elaborate and we did not probe. Just pray for this man to let God accept his burden, because it obviously is more than he can bear. Andrew came from the Eastern side of State Street and headed right for the Table when he saw us praying for another visitor.

JIM -- Repeat visitor to our Table. Wanted continued blessing on his life.

(Unidentified man) --- Man who did not want his name written down simply asked for us to pray for peace in the world. We did, in his presence.

PATRICIA and t-OKAYA -- As we were in the process of taking the Table down and putting things away, these two visitors came from different directions. Patricia wanted prayers for " ... a LOT!" We prayed for good health and safety and provision for her family. For Okaya, we prayed for healing and for protection for him and his family.



(6-28-08 in front of St. Andrew's of Scotia; Deacon Mary Carol Hart and Christine Bissonnette.)

We had one young girl who crossed the street and asked for prayers for her sick aunt, Alyssa. Christine and I laid hands on her and prayed for healing, comfort, peace. At the end of our time, Christine and I prayed for the prayer-table ministry to grow and become stronger to the glory of God.

Albany Intercessor

Saturday, June 14, 2008



      (In front of Christ Church --State St., Schenectady on 6-14-08,
      9:20 -- 10:40 a.m. Table witnesses for Him this day were Torre Bissell, Don Foust, and Andy Foust.)

t -- Indicates person received one of Torre's wooden crosses

       JEROME --- Walking by--didn't stop, but asked that we pray for him.

       Man walking by-- Wanted prayers for a job.

       CALVIN -- walking by--"Pray for me"

      t-- MARISOL CRUZ and and her 2 year old son t--JONATHAN--This mother and son and first were not going to stop, but Marisol thought twice and joined us at the Prayer Table. Her husband (Francisco) was recently taken away by Immigration. On this day before Father's Day, we prayed for Fransico's return. Marisol is also pregnant and we prayed for a safe delivery of her child. On their way back, Jonathan was wearing his cross and he gave us a big smile.

       JIM--- Walking by in street. Did not stop, but asked that we say a prayer for him and he would pray for us.

      t- PAT--Pray for his family.

      t -- BRIDGETTE-- Pray for financial provision.

      t--HEATHER and t--GABRIEL--This mother and her teen-age son were on their way to services at the Seventh Day Adventist Church aroung the corner. Gabriel, appropriately, had his trumpet in hand. We prayed for a spirit-filled service of praise and worship.

       Man Assisting at Friendship House--The church across the street was having a special service for a visiting clergyman. We prayed for the service.

      t--ELIZABETH--This middle-aged woman was walking with her friends. She stopped while the others walked on. We prayed for her family to "get on track" and for financial provision.

--------------- Don Foust

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