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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Crying Out To God Conference

Albany Intercessor

Monday, July 28, 2008


Crying Out to God Registration Form

A word received: Listen, my people, listen. Heed my voice, heed my word. Cry out to me that my people will heed my words to them. They are wandering, they pick and choose. Tell my people to choose me -- to choose to obey me.

Albany Intercessor

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Crying Out To God

A word received 7/27/08: Cry out to me for my people. They are wandering over every hillside. Call them back to me. Do not be afraid to speak my word to my people. I AM. I AM the Good Shepherd. I care for my flock.



Report #1 ---( in front of Christ Church, Schenectady, 9:20 a.m.-10:40.a.m.; Torre Bissell and Deacon Alan Hart.)

t--indicates received one of Torre's crosses, a--indicates anointed with Holy Oil

      Note: Every Prayer Table is different. Every Prayer Table at EVERY site has its own sense of time and life. Today's Table at Christ Church was very uplifting; many people came forward. At times we were moved to tears and other moments to laughter. It is a wonderful thing to watch God work wioth His people. How great is our God!

t--ALEX -- Wanted prayers "..for myself and for my stepson -- that he would be the man and the father God is calling him to be."

t--BILL -- He is a frequent visitor to the Neighborhood Meal, and mentioned he is looking forward to tomorrow's dinner. Bill asked for prayers for "everything." We prayed that he would be shown the path God has marked for him today.

(Oops! Forgot to mention that before we set up the Table, we drove by the infamous "Bed and Breakfast" on Upper Union Street which hosts the sex parties on weekends. We prayed against the things going on there and that the people, including the proprietor, would be transformed. Unfortunately, we noticed a large tour bus parked in the back driveway. It seems so shameful that any responsible bus company would knowingly take part in such a depraved enterprise. Pray for a change of heart of the bus company taking part in this scandalous business.)

t--ANNE -- Anne stopped by from across the street after we hailed her with "Would you like prayer today?" She was walking her dog "Fem," a large, friendly dog. Anne wanted prayers for her aunt Jeanne, who is suffering with lung cancer. She mentioned in a friendly way, "I've seen you guys out here before!"

t--USTIN -- We prayed for him for guidance and protection.

t--SARAH -- Young lady who wanted prayers "for my family." Very shy, and we sensed it took a lot of gumption for her to stop and ask for our prayers.

TIM and his son (?) ( did not give a name)) -- Tim pulled up in a van as we were praying for Sarah. He had his son come up to the Table and told us to "Keep up the good work!" Deacon Alan went to the van and Tim, a seemingly nice man and good father, said he came to our church a couple of years ago and had " ... a life-changing experience" and said he likes what our church is doing to help try to change the neighborhood.

t--BILL and his daughters (t--JOCELYN and t-- ASIANA) -- Very poignant moment at today's Table. This man and his two very young daughters were walking by. Bill sat down when we asked him if they wanted prayer, and he said to the oldest daughter Jocelyn (perhaps 8 years old) and Jocelyn answered, "We want prayers that things will get easier for us, for good health for all of us, and that Daddy and Mommy will get back together." We were both forcing back tears with this young girl's sincere and emotional prayer request. We prayed intensely for the three of them. Deacon Alan asked Bill if getting back together with his wife was something he wanted too, and he said "Yes .. absolutely!" Pray for this family!!!

t--YVETTA -- She asked for prayers for her daughter (a baby who was with her in the carriage she was pushing) for "health and to be protected from danger."

PAT (Frank Upshur's daughter) -- Pat, a regular at our Table, wanted prayers for her son KEITH, who keeps losing jobs because he has high blood pressure and employers have a problem with it. She wanted prayers, also, for a family member NICK who has a kidney problem and is awaiting a transplant donor. We also prayed for her for the witness for Christ which she is in her family. Much of Pat's family has not yet come to know the Lord.

t--SARAH -- This is a different Sarah than the one from before. She asked for provision for her family. She was very interested in when we might have an evening service so she could come to worship with us. (She works on Sunday mornings.)

t--KATIE -- She wanted prayers for strength and for financial help during these tough times. Katie was one of these Table visitors who declined at first, then thought a moment and decided to stop. (We LOVE that!)

t--SHEILA -- She wanted prayers for " ... my well-being and for my boyfriend's well-being." Sheila, we are sad to report, was obviously "on" something. She was walking unsteadily and her eyes and speech were not normal.

t--CARLOS -- Young man who was pleasant enough but, though he agreed to prayer, said "...You better make it quick." OK, so we prayed quickly. He is hoping to get a job on Monday. He has an interview. Pray that he gets the job he needs.

a--EARL -- Wanted prayers for healing for his hand, which he scalded last weekend with hot coffee. We anointed the injured area with Holy Oil. He also wanted prayers for his ailing sister.

(WE prayed for a man sleeping in the abandoned car next to our parking lot. It was a different man than the two "Richards" who live there as homeless men. Deacon Alan went over there later before the Rudolphsen-MacIntyre wedding later in the day and checked the site; it turns out the two "Richards" are both OK. They were letting this man sleep there awhile.)

4 little boys --- Torre went across to the other side of State Street to talk to 4 young boys who were walking together. The oldest was about 6 or 7 and was taking charge of the younger three. Torre told the youngest to obey the oldest boy, who was taking great responsibility for his three companions -- brothers or family members or friends.

t--WALTER and his son, FERRIS -- Walter wanted prayers for health and safety for himself and his son, Ferris, who is very shy!

      PRAYER TABLE # 2

      (in front of St. Andrew's of Scotia, Sacandaga Road, Deacon Mary Carol Hart, 10-11 a.m.) Once again this week, only one person came over, but he was a person in great need. His name is John. His house burned earlier this year, and he is being evicted from his present housing. He claims to have been raised with the image of God as the "mean old man" handing out punishment. He also confessed an addiction to alcohol. We prayed for provision and especiallly for John to open his heart to the love of Jesus and give his life over to Him. He was invited to attend our healing service tomorrow evening at 6pm as well as the regular Saturday and Sunday services. We prayed for freedom from his addiction.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Crying out to the Lord

Over the past ten years there has been a persistent theme running through many of the words we have received from the Lord: his command that we cry out to him for his church and his people. I have listed a number of these words below (in alphabetical order so that you can see he has repeated himself a number of times) so that you can reflect on his call to cry out to him. Torre [Albany Intercessor]

A word received: Continue to cry out for my church.
A word received: Continue to cry out to me for my church and my little ones.
A word received: Continue to cry out to me for my church.
A word received: Continue to cry out to me for my people; I hear your cries. Continue to stand in the gap for my people; I see you standing there. Continue to pour out prayers and entreaties to me.
A word received: Continue to cry out to me.
A word received: Cry out to me for a circumcision of the heart for my people.
A word received: Cry out to me for my church and my people. False shepherds have risen up to lead the flock. Listen, listen day by day.
A word received: Cry out to me for my Church.
A word received: Cry out to me for my church.
A word received: Cry out to me for my church.
A word received: Cry out to me for my little ones -- the lost and the least. I love them and I hear your cries for them.
A word received: Cry out to me for my people -- that they will heed my word to them. They seek to live and be nourished by everything except my word -- they have created their own famine. Pray that my people will feed on my word.
A word received: Cry out to me for my people who come to the prayer table. Help them cry out to me.
A word received: Cry out to me for my people.
A word received: Cry out to me for my people.
A word received: Cry out to me for my people. Pray for healing of their wounds.
A word received: Cry out to me for my people.
A word received: Cry out to me for those who are crippled by sin.
A word received: Cry out to me in your weariness.
A word received: Cry out to me more.
A word received: Cry out to me, I will hear you.
A Word received: Cry out to Me. I want you to cry out to Me for My church. Cry out to Me for your families. Cry out to Me for yourselves. Seek Me and ask Me for forgiveness. I want you to go deep and deeper still. Don't try to go ahead of Me. I want you to seek Me.
A word received: I Am with you when you cry out to me. I was with Paul and I will be with you.
A word received: I want you to have my power so that you can be my witness. You need the help of my Holy Spirit -- the helper -- to be an effective witness of what I have done. I have not left you orphans; I have given you a Spirit of adoption by whom you can cry out, "Abba, Father." (From Romans 8:15)
A word received: Justice and intercession go hand in hand. When my people cry out to me for justice and mercy in the land, I hear from heaven and answer them. I want my people to renew their covenant with me to be intercessors -- to stand between me and the evils in the church and society. Come, come to me -- hear my call: be intercessors.
A word received: Plead with me for my people to repent. Cry out to me for changed hearts in the Episcopal Church.
A word received: That is My word to you as well, "Do not be afraid". I can deliver you from death and I AM with you when you cry out to Me, in your peril. Cry out to Me for My people that they will turn to Me in their peril.
A word received: You cry out to me; I hear your cries. Don't be afraid.
A word received: You know how sinful Jerusalem became, yet I called for watchmen to cry aloud to me for it. I am giving the same call to the intercessors for my church now. Do not grow despondent or weary -- those are tricks of the evil one. Cry out to me for my church. I know its sin -- even better than you do, I know what it needs. Call out to me; give me no rest till I establish my bride the church.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Christ Church Morristown Retreat August 15-17


Update on the Sheehans

Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Sunday, July 06, 2008


A Personal Reflection

      At the end of 1966 Jean and I were sent as appointed missionaries of the Episcopal Church to the Church in Nigeria. I arrived in late December 1966 and Jean (with our first baby) in mid February 1967. We were assigned to the Port Harcourt Project in the then Eastern Region of the Federation of Nigeria. The year 1966 had been marked by terrible massacres and there was increased speculation of a breakup of the Nigerian Federation and the possibility of a civil war.
      At the time we arrived there was a major crisis in the Federation at least once every six weeks. Shortly after there came a major crisis every month, then every three weeks, then every two, then every week, and then multiple times a week. At a certain time the Eastern Region seceded as the Republic of Biafra and the civil war began.
      We observed the nature of the "dialog" between the Federal Government and the Eastern Region Government in the conflict. Each side operated on exactly the same premises: "Whatever I say must be taken exactly at face value; and whatever you say must be searched for the hidden and opposite meaning which is surely there." Both sides were talking past each other and both sides were claiming the oil revenues that flowed from the Eastern Region.
      Jean and I have observed to each other many times as the pace of crises has picked up in the Anglican Communion that there are many parallels between what is happening now in the Anglican Communion and what happened then in Nigeria. We regret that neither side then nor now has been able to see the integrity of the other side's position. Nigeria plunged into a civil war with a couple hundred thousand soldier and civilian casualties. Already there are casualties in the beginnings of the civil war in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
      I still remember the morning of July 6, 1967 as the Biafra National Anthem was played for the first time: It was the hymn, " Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side" played to the tune from "Finlandia" by Sibelius. I still cry whenever I hear this hymn or "Finlandia". Who will cry for the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion as they are rent by civil war?


Saturday, July 05, 2008




(In front of Christ Church, State. ST., Schenectady, 7-5-08, 9:20 a.m.-11 a.m.; Torre Bissell and Deacon Alan Hart.)

t--indicates received one of Torre's wooden crosses.
a--indicates anointed with Holy Oil

      RICHARD --- A repeat visitor to the Table. He came a few weeks ago to have us pray for his brother, Jim, who is in the hospital with a pulmonary illness. Richard was sincere, but he was also kind of "goofy" because, as he admitted, "I just had a drink." (This was at 9:22 a.m..)

      t--CARLOS --- A pleasant young man. Said he wanted prayer for "a lot of things" but mostly for his mom, Maria. As the prayers intensified, he admitted he wanted forgiveness for his sins. Torre prayed again for him; he said he is working for the state and doesn't get to church on a regular basis but prays nightly before he goes to sleep.

      t--JOSEPH -- Very serious young man. Wanted prayers for "guidance" in his life. He said he is a Christian and wanted to know what times our services are and asked Alan to write them down for him.

      JAMES (and his wife, MOHAN) --- James is a minister in an area church and they were on their way to services. James prayed for us and we prayed for them. James reminded us when he saw our crosses, "Saint Paul wrote about Christ did for us on the cross on almost every page he wrote."

      ( A woman smiled as she walked by and we asked if she wanted prayer. She said she was a Wiccan and politely refused our gesture.)

       Note: At this point Torre prayed for the woman as she walked away from us. We also prayed together that the corner convenient store down the street (State and Hawk) which seems to have attracted drug traffic lately will be cleaned up and doused with God's intervention. Earlier, before we came to church, we prayed in front of the infamous Bed and Breakfast place on Union Street that all ungodly activity there will be driven away and the persons who run it and the visitors who come will be cleansed and transformed.

      t--BRIAN -- Wanted general prayers for his well-being.

      a,t -- NATHAN -- You all know young Nathan. He's the red-headed boy of about 11 or 12 who often attends our services. We were very concerned about Nathan. He said he "...just moved back into the neighborhood" and we prayed for him. He seemed very lost and unsteady on his feet, and we were concerned for him. He was getting ready to get on a bus but then turned away from it and walked back State Street toward downtown (where Deacon Alan had seen him by the Bank of America several days ago.) He is the only person Alan anointed with oil today -- for protection from whatever seems to be troubling him. Please pray for Nathan; he seems very troubled about something but was not letting us know what it is. He DID accept our prayers for protection and safety.

      t--JOHN -- A very bright older man got off a bus holding tickets for South Carolina where he is traveling today to start his job as a college professor in Spartansburg. We prayed for him for travel mercies and protection.

      t-- COREY --- This young man came to God's Table not once but twice. The first time it was with hesitancy; he asked for prayers " .. for blessings to keep me safe." Torre gave him a cross. Corey came back a half hour later and said he had been to the Table a few weeks ago and asked prayers for his girlfriend. Torre prayed with fervor for him and Corey said he has accepted Jesus as his savior before but has been "backsliding" and obviously was seeking a new start. We prayed for him to accept Jesus' forgiveness and a fresh start. He is starting a new job and wanted prayers to be steadfast this time and "make it work."

      MARY -- Very troubled woman who wanted prayer for her son LAURITZ and his children; she is worried that Lauritz is not being a good father to her grandkids.

      t--RUE and her mother (t--didn't get her name.) -- These were Spanish-speaking ladies going by with groceries who were curious about the Table. Rue seemed to understand the prayers and accepted the cross. Her mom was distant and untrusting at first but then seemed to realize what was happening when Torre gave her the cross. She started to say something but then stopped and walked on.

      t--MATTHEW and t-- LOUIS -- Two teen-aged boys stopped on their bicycles and wanted prayers for their Aunt Jane who recently passed away. Matthew was wearing a homemade T-shirt that read "R.I.P Aunt Jane."

      t--RICHARD -- An older homeless man who was walking with a golf putter for a cane. He obviously had just awakened from sleeping in or near the garage of the closed-down crackhouse next to our church. He thanked us for our prayers of provision and protection.

      THE BUS DRIVER --- ... did not stop today but waved at us as he passed.

      t--(Name withheld) -- Deacon Alan thought it best not to use this man's name, even though his gave name to us. He is a "con artist" well-known to a few members of our church after hitting us up for our help and then causing trouble at several levels. This man is a liar who says untruths; says one thing and does another. He has been in trouble repeatedly with the law and has caused trouble in the courtroom at his hearings. But ... as Torre pointed out to Alan, God brought him to the Table for help and it is not our place to judge this man, only to pray for him. He did seem grateful for our prayers.


(Deacon Mary Carol Hart in front of ST. Andrew's, Scotia, 10-11a.m.)

      The Table was blessed this morning by many people who nodded, waved and seemed appreciative that Deacon MaryCarol was "out there" in their presence. Pray for the continued growth of the Table.)

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