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Sunday, August 24, 2008



Subject: BLAZEFEST REPORT by Deacon Alan Hart

(At final day of Blazefest; Jerry Burrell Park, Sat., 8-23-08, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) -- Torre Bissell, Jean Bissell and Deacon Alan Hart

a--indicates anointed with Holy Oil
t--indicates revceived one of Torre's crosses.

NOTE: Very much a mood of grasping for hope on the part of the people who attended this final night; there was food and activity, noise ... and prayer! People came to us seeking hope for something, someone to help them have things be better! (Guess who that Someone is?)

tt-- JESUS -- Wanted prayers "to have a better life."
t--FOUQUAN -- Wanted to be prayed for "... for help with my confidence.")
t--CHYNA -- She just said simply, "I want you to pray for me!"
tt--KYREE -- Wanted prayers for his grandmothers, Eunice and Tamara.
t--AMAURY JR. -- This teen-aged boy was at the Table a day earlier; he asked for prayers for his father who is in jail to "stay out of trouble" when he gets out.
t--JAHLAR -- Sought prayers for general well-being.
a,t-- CONNIE -- Member of the Blazefest staff; she has an injured hand and wrist, sought prayers for healing.
t--EDWIN -- He aske dro prayers for his mom, Alexandria, who has a "contagious disease."
a,t-- ALEXIS (not the same woman as Edwin's mom!) -- Asked fo prayers for relief from tooth and gum soreness and pain.
t-CHARLENE -- Wanted prayers "to be safe."
t--FATIMA-- She asked for prayers "not for anything special, just to be prayed for!"
t--MIKE -- Celebrating his 25th birthday. Mike is happy he is alive. "It is a miracle I have made it to 25," he said."
t--BLANCHE-- Repeat Table visitor from earlier in the week. Blanche asked for prayers for "... the well-being and health of my entire family."
a,tt-- MICHELLE -- This was the person who stood out among all the others. She is very depressed and discouraged and asked for prayers for help from Jesus. She wept when we were done praying that she would become the woman God intended her to be.
a--MACKENZIE -- Anointed for God's provbision, healing and protection and transforming.
t--NANCY -- A self-described "Born-Again Christian" who sought prayers for her whole fanily to follow Jesus and NOT follow the other one.
t--MICHAEL -- Asked for prayers for "... just all kinds of stuff."
a,t-- EBONY -- Young mother who earnestly sought prayers for saety and protection from "all the evil out there" in the neighborfghood. Very scared young lady. Also gave a cross to her daughter, Zaniyah.
t--CONTESSA -- Asked for prayer for ".. doing well this school year."
t--AARON -- A "rap singer" who asked for strnegth "in my work" and for protection and provision as he travels to Boston this fall to become a college freshman. He is quite anxious and afraid about going to Boston.
t,a--TAMI -- Young mother who asked for prayers for safety. Tehn divulged to us that she has just moved into an apartment with her children and the person who used to live there committed suicide. Tami is afraid there are evil spirits lurking there in the residence. Torre prayed at length with Tami to assure her that the house is safe now that evil spirits have retreated at the mention of the sacred name of Jesus.
JOSHUA -- Prayers for "things in general."
t--JAY -- Prayers "... so I will come to see God."
VALERIE -- She asked for prayer " ... to know for sure that God cares about me."
BOBBI JO -- Asked for "God's provision for me."
CURLY -- " .. for my enemies."
t--AMAURY (not the same one as earlier) -- Asked for prayers for " ... Grandad's health."
t--SAFARI -- General prayers.
t,t-- SAMEIRA -- Asked for blessings for her family.
t--LYNETTE -- "... to do well in school."
t--ANGENET -- "... For God to make himself known to me."
t--RICOS -- Big, blustery basketball player of about 25 who surprised us by coming to the Table. "I want to become steady in my walk with Jesus."
t--THAYLA -- Very young girl who asked for general prayer.
tt-KAREN -- Asked for prayers for her mother, Kathy, who is ill.
t--ASHLIEGH -- She asked to be prayee for so she could become closer to God.
(WOMAN) -- Lady came forward and asked us to pray not for her but for her grandson, JAVIER.
t--KATY -- Asked for general prayer.
t--AMELIAN -- for her daughter.
t-MICHELLE -- Prayed for her not to turn to the left or to the right but to stay centered on Jesus.
t,a-- LINDA -- Asked for prayers for healing. She was wearing a medical bracelet.

(The following people came forward to be prayed for with Torre while Alan was videotaping part of the Drama of Disciple of John): LYDIA, TASHAN, MAHOGANY, COLLEEN, SHANTE, JUSTINA, NAGUAN, TIM, BORN, NANI, ADRIAN, FELMA, ANYIA, ELYA< MICHAEL, TINA and VINCENT. They all received crosses.

[Notes from Torre: while the drama going on was at its most intense and everyone's attention was on it, four or five big, hulking, late-teenage boys used that as a cover to come for prayer! So often during the week children who had already received prayer would bring other children for prayer. There was an intensity to the times of prayer this week that was incredible. At 6 p.m. last night Alan and I were both wiped out with fatigue. So often it would be non-stop -- one adult or child right after another asking for prayer. I think we gave out around 150-175 crosses this week.]

Saturday, August 02, 2008



Table # 2 --(in front of Christ Church, Schenectady, 9:24 a.m.-10:40.a.m.; Torre Bissell)

t--indicates received one of Torre's crosses

Note: Every Prayer Table is different. Every Prayer Table at EVERY site has its own sense of time and life. Today's Table at Christ Church was very uplifting: about a third of the people came directly to the prayer table without being asked -- even in pouring rain.

t--Ewen "everything"
t--Barbara "have pelvic infection -- may be cancer"
t--Vanzi and t--Denazia (Vanzi's daughter) "everything"
James (elder in the Macedonia Seventh Day Adventist Church around the corner on Swan St.) joined me in prayer that God would cleanse the corner across the street of drugs.
t--Sid (stopped his bicycle for prayer) "for everything" and "I always stop and get prayer."
t--Frankie and t--Miss Washington "all these kids with guns shooting each night"
Robbie "I still got my cross." (pointing to it around his neck) "I'm going through a hard time and for my grandkids that they will be safe. I'm having a hard time with my apartment."
t--Howard (stopped his bicycle for prayer) "coming out of a stressful relationship." He prayed for "getting back with the Lord and with his church family." He once again claimed Jesus as his Lord and Savior and confessed his sins and asked for and received God's forgiveness.
t--Matthew and t--Louis (2 boys on a bike) asked prayer for their mother Chrissy who is grieving the death of her sister Jane. Louis also asked for prayer for his father, Angel. (These two boys came for prayer for their Aunt Jane a few weeks ago.)
Pat (Frank Upshur's daughter) asked for prayer for her son Keith that he would take his blood pressure medicine, and for her son-in-law Nick that he would get a kidney transplant, and for her "whole family."
t--Walter for myself and my girlfriend. He turned to the Lord two years ago, but is afraid to talk about it with his girlfriend. They have been together six years. I suggested they "need to fish or cut-bait -- get married or break it up". Walter will pray about that this week.
t--Jahlon and t--Howard (came in pouring rain) for their grandmother who just had a heart attack.

Table # 1 -- In front of SICM Building on Albany St. near Craig St.; Darlene Chesnut and Deacon Alan.)

Note: The neighborhood at SICM is much more run-down than at Christ Church. There are many abandoned buildings on this narrow street, and the reality of criminal and/or sinful goings-on are very evident as you sit at a table there for any length of time and see and hear the people who pass by. Darlene and I saw and heard things which affirmed to us that drug trafficking and prostitution are unfortunately alive and well in this area of our neighborhood.

t--indicates received one of Torre's crosses. (We did not anoint anyone with Holy Oil this morning.)

(Torre and Alan drove by the "Bed and Breakfast" on Union Street before the Prayer Tables were set up today. Our hearts sank when we saw yet another tour bus in the parking lot behind the building. "Business" appears to be booming there again. A man sitting on the upstairs porch noted our presence as we pulled up alongside the curb and we prayed that Christ would drive out all this evil.)

A MAN (no name) -- walked across the street to see what Darlene and I were doing there. He said he would be back later (after he put several bottles in a waste can near us.) He DID come by again but did not stop. We prayed that next time he will stop.

A WOMAN --- ... This woman is a person who has us worried. She was walking with a male companion as she came toward us, and the companion saw us and walked away. We asked if she wanted prayer but she said she was "walking with someone." She seemed embarrassed and irritated, and a man in a van was following behind her and talking about "getting high" but drove on after she turned the corner. The driver went on up the street. None of them returned.

t-DAWN (and her two little nieces, T-NYASIA and T-SHYDASIA) -- Dawn asked for prayers because she is " ... kind of in a financial bind" and she wanted prayers for continued good health.

A MAN ACROSS THE STREET -- ... he waved to us excitedly and took out the cross from under his shirt which he obviously got from one of our Lord's Prayer Tables sometime previously. He said "I have my cross! God does restore!" He yelled to us that he wears it all the time.

tt-FRAN and her son t-ISAIAH -- Fran asked for prayers for the memory of her parents, who would have had their 50th anniversary yesterday if they were still alive. (They are both deceased.) We prayed for her and her son and for thanks for the lives of her Mom and Dad.

t--SHERROD --- Very pleasant man asked for prayers to " ... be strong; to stay strong so I can provide for my family and protect them." Darlene also prayed that the man would avoid all the kinds of temptations that arise and to be a good husband and father.

t--NOEL and t--DEXTER -- Sometimes you are surprised when people stop, because you think they won't ... but they DO. These men, unsure at first until Darlene made eye contact with one of them, came over and accepted prayers for "everything." Dexter, the one who seemed most reluctant at first, eagerly accepted his cross and put it right on at the table.

Note: At this point, rain, thunder and lightning caused the Table to be stopped earlier than usual. But ... God certainly showed up for the ones who needed Him. SOME of the ones who needed Him, anyway.

Albany Intercessor

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