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Wednesday, November 12, 2008



(Weds., aft., Nov. 12, 1 p.m.-1:50 p.m., in front of Christ Church, Schenectady; Scott Underhill and Deacon Alan Hart.)

a--indicates anointed with Holy Oil.
t--indicates received one of Torre's wooden crosses.
c--indicates took one of our "Are You Looking for God?" cards.

Note: The weather was chilly and damp -- definite gloves and wool hat weather, but our neighbors flocked to the Table for His forgiveness, love and hope.

LAURIE -- Pray for this woman whose daughter recently was allegedly raped by three men. (The daughter has been to the Table three times herself for prayer since the incident.) LAURIE said her daughter is being stalked by one of the three men allegedly involved and is worried for her. Supposedly, the police are investigating and the issue is heading to some kind of conclusion. Pray for this family.

t--HECTOR -- This young man stopped by, first seemingly on kind of a lark. He laughed and said "Pray for Me? Sure. Why not?" But when we began to pray for him to be happy, provided for, made safe and protected, it became obvious to us that the young man was clearly moved by the severity of what we were doing in God's name and that God was claiming this young man. He became very serious and bowed low. He took a cross and was grateful for the prayers.

t--BILL -- Here is a middle-aged man who asked for prayer that his son, JASON, will not be taken from him by his mother-- with whom Bill obviously is not getting along with well at the moment. Bill prayed that Social Services will not take his son away from him. Scott prayed for Bill that the family will find peace and understanding and get back together in harmony and unity. Bill was a very, very sad man.

t,t,a,c -- ANDREW -- If possible, this man was even more sad than Bill. (They arrived about 5 minutes apart.) Andrew, who said he has come and prayed in our chapel before, wanted prayers because he said his marriage is falling apart. His wife, HEIDI, is angry because he just lost his job. He said he wanders the streets looking for work and is not finding any employment, and then he comes home and says he has to hear his wife complain. Andrew was in tears by the time he got done explaining. We prayed that the Lord will intervene in this marriage and save it, that He will help this couple to realize the love that still exists between them and to make it grow stronger. We asked God to help them in the areas where the marriage is weak.

t,t,t,t,t,c -- From one extreme to another -- a very happy, bubbling family of five came to the Table. The father ALONZO was smiling and brought his wife GALINDA and their three young children over. (The boys are EDWARD and ALEX, the infant girl is EVELYN.) Alonzo said "You just can't get enough of prayer!" The wife Evelyn said she came to our church about 10 years ago and got help toward going back to school. She now has a college degree! They said they were interested in coming to our church Sunday. Please welcome them to our family if they do!

t,t,a -- LISA -- This woman came hesitantly to Deacon Alan while Scott was still praying for the children mentioned above. She said, "I'm a prostitute and I have a drug habit. Is it still all right for you to pray for me?" Alan answered her that Christ came for ALL us sinners and immediately anointed her for protection and provision. He asked if she wanted to come to repentance about what she is doing, and she started crying and said "Yes!" By now Scott had joined Alan in the prayers for her. We prayed that God would free Lisa from her addictions and from prostituting herself; that she would instead find the gifts God has given her and begin to use them in a safe and productive way so that she can turn her back on her present life and look ahead to a new and bright one following God. She took a cross for herself and for the elderly man who she says lets her live with him.

t--LES -- This is a blessing. This old, alcoholic street man who has come by the Table regularly in the past few weeks has sometimes been so unsteady on his feet that he can hardly walk. Today, he stopped for prayer and was quite coherent. He told us "I want to praise the Lord because I got my ID back!" We prayed for his continued healing and protection. He hugged Deacon Alan and said, "You will never know how much these prayers you have given me have meant to me."

t--(NO NAME) -- A young man was in a hurry but stopped quickly and asked for a cross for his nephew ALLEJANDRO. The young man showed us his own cross he is still wearing from a previous visit.

t--SASHA -- Like Bill and Andrew, another very sad visitor. This young lady is the sister of the Albany Street woman whose young son died last week after a long illness. (It was a death widely written about in the newspapers and reported on TV last week.) Sasha wanted prayers for the whole family for healing. The mother, especially, is having a very hard time coping with the death of her boy.

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