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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Welcome Home Initiative

To All Who Support the Welcome Home Initiative with Prayer--

Our next Welcome Home Initiative approaches in five weeks – March 23 through 25. Begin laying down a covering fire of prayer for this WHI:

*      for Fr. Nigel Mumford, Bishop Dave Bena and Noel Dawes as they prepare to lead the retreat.
*      for Sandra Lester and the administrative details she oversees.
*      for Sue Ellen Reutsch and the oversight of mental health issues; for Mary Ellen Bena and ministry to military wives.
*      for the raising up of Prayer Team members for this retreat and for the on-site Intercessors Team; for wisdom and guidance in the selection of those who will have direct contact with the men and women God is calling to attend this retreat.
*      for the hands which prepare and the hearts that pray over quilts and care b askets made up for the warriors and their families. Care baskets are assembled by our local Daughters of the King but more volunteers could be used.
*      for sound ministry finances in these difficult economic times; for the continuing donations which enable us to offer this Retreat free to warriors and their families.
*      for God's call to warriors to come to the Welcome Home Initiative Retreat. At present we have had expressions of interest in the upcoming March WHI from warriors in the British Armed forces, from chaplains processing returning troops across the U.S., from ministry streams hoping to contribute to healing and prayer for the armed forces; even from a warrior/minister serving in Israel. Pray for the right mix of men and women attending this retreat, f or their travel, and for ministry to the families they bring with them. We know of some with interest for whom the travel expense is a barrier: pray that God will break down any barrier, if this is the time and place for these men and women to begin to be healed by Christ.
*      for good weather that week. A winter storm during the last retreat interfered with some arrangements and dampened attendance to the Closing Ceremony. Pray for God's providence through all circumstances and for His will to be done at this retreat.
*      for continued, enthusiastic local community support to be shown at the Closing Ceremony, Wednesday, March 25, gathering at 11:00 a.m. in the CtK's Great Hall.
*      Pray also for Noel Dawes this week as he travels to Florida, speaking primarily to a group of military, fire, police and hospital chaplains, as well as making other contacts for the several military ministries he represents. Pray for travel mercies, for good contacts made at the Lord's initiation, for the various presentations he has to make, and for lives to be touched and transformed by the message of the ministry of healing in Christ's name. Noel and Meryl's 18-month old granddaughter is currently undergoing treatment for cancer – a major concern in their lives right now: pray for compplete healing and protection for little Charlotte.

And offer praise to God for the outpouring of opportunities to share about the Welcome Home Initiative in the larger military community which have been forthcoming in the past several months. In the wake of Fr. Nigel's key visit to the Pentagon in December, healing prayer is now being offered at services for the military in the Washington, D.C., area at Ft. Belvoir, VA, with hope to begin services in the Pentagon Chapel very soon. A senior Army Chaplain present at the December meeting is planning to attend the School of Healing Prayer here at the Oratory of Christ the King. Fr. Nigel, Noel and Sandra are representing the WHI at various conferences this spring and summer. More details for prayer coverage will be released soon.

If you know of any member of the armed forces -- currently serving, recently released from combat duty or having seen combat in any military conflict – please recommend them to the Welcome Home Initiative Healing Retreats. The Welcome Home Initiative is free to combat veterans of all wars and their immediate families: they are only responsible for their travel expenses. For more information see our website at or call Sandra Lester at (518 ) 692-9550 ext. 202.

God's blessing to each of you who has a heart for praying for t he men and women who have risked so much to defend our freedoms.

Sister Mary Elizabeth, CSM
For the Oratory of Christ the Healer, Christ the King Spiritual Life Center, Greenwich, NY

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