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Saturday, January 30, 2010


30January10 Update 7pm on Lorraine Coleman

Subject: 30January10 Update 7pm

Lorraine remains stable with no changes since yesterday. Please
continue to pray against her sinus infection as well as the
meningitis. Prayers also for rest and peace for John, Shawn, Alene and
extended family. Continue to fight for her in prayer.


Update on Lorraine Coleman

Update on Lorraine Coleman - she is stable, no improvement but no worsening either. CT does show a serious sinus infection.

Christ Church Schenectady Prayer wheel continues until 6pm but please continue urgent praying beyond that. We will try to send out updates twice a day.

A word received: Keep coming to me.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Update on John Coleman

John has been released from the ER and is now with Lorraine again. Continued prayers that he can handle the stress.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Update on Lorraine Coleman

Dear prayer warriors of Christ Church and beyond,

The physician on duty last night may have jumped to a wrong conclusion regarding Lorraine's diagnosis. Lorraine's oncologist spoke with John this morning and is not certain that the cancer has spread to the brain with what he sees in Lorraine's blood work. At this time, a neurologist and disease specialist are looking into the possibility of meningitis. Once her medicine levels are properly adjusted, they plan to do a spinal tap later today. Needless to say, God knows the proper diagnosis.
Pray for:
1. God's sovereign miraculous healing to heal Lorraine.
2. Wisdom and discernment for the medical staff who are in charge of Lorraine's care and treatment.
3. Healing of Lorraine's sinus infection and her kidney functions which are also affecting her condition.
4. Strength, peace and understanding for John, Shawn and Alene as they deal with a barrage of medical staff and questions and explanations throughout the day.
Because of the severity of Lorraine's condition and the number of tests/procedures that she has to go through, please refrain from visiting Lorraine. Not only is she unable to respond to anyone, her immunity system is weak, and John and Shawn and Alene need to be focused on Lorraine's care and not entertaining visitors. Hopefully as Lorraine's condition improves there will be opportunity for visits. I and the other clergy will do our best to keep everyone updated by way of the prayer line.

In Christ,


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Jean came through the surgery VERY well.

Jean came through the surgery VERY well. She was only on the table for an hour. They may let her come home tomorrow. Love, Torre

Albany Intercessor

Monday, January 11, 2010


Please pray for Bishop Bill

Please pray for Bishop Bill as he attends the Province II Bishops Meeting January 11-13.

Albany Intercessor

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Update on Fr. Nigel 12:46 PM

Wednesday 1/6/10 Epiphany

Since Fr. Nigel is doing so well, the updates will now be more sporadic.

Fr. Nigel is improving in giant steps now. The trach and the feeding tube were removed yesterday without complication – in fact the trach fell out on its own when the collar holding it was removed. Thank you Lord for the healing that made that possible!
Another GIANT step is that Fr. Nigel climbed the stairs in his house for the first time to make it up to the second story. This is a huge accomplishment. The physical therapist was only expecting him to go halfway to the landing, but he pushed onward and went to the top. (There is that Marine coming out again.) This means that soon Fr. Nigel will be able to have a shower, which will undoubtedly make him feel like a new man.

Fr. Nigel continues to need oxygen at times as his lungs continue to heal. He is able to get enough from a tube which is placed under his nose.

Let us praise God for the healing of so many things - the dizziness, the pain from his bed sore, his oxygen levels, his heart, his anxiety, his organs, his muscles, his fever, too many to remember them all. We praise you and thank you Lord for your healing touch for mind, body and soul.

Please continue to pray for Fr. Nigel, especially for:
      the complete healing of his lungs
      the strengthening of his muscles
      increase in his stamina
      healing of his bedsore
      healing of the wounds from the trach and the feeding tube
Please pray for Lynn for stamina and peace.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your sacrifice and for your gift of life.

The following is a note from Fr. Nigel
Lynn took me to the hospital today.... the trach just fell out which was great, the feeding tube was a different matter! The surgeon and two techs were very seems I was the first to have H1N1 at that hospital so I seemed to have had some status...They have paid attention to my case to help others. The doctors were so very funny.... after the trach just fell out he said let me see the feeding tube, and as I was lifting my shirt he just grabbed it and with a flick of his wrist pulled it out... and I made a very strange noise as my throat was open... after the pain subsided we all laughed.

We then went to visit the ICU where I was for so long. The nurses were in tears as they met me.. OK so was I. It was so very moving. I had a chance to thank one of the three doctors who saved my life. That was so moving. I had a peek into Room 1 where I was in a coma and then Room 8 where I recovered. They had 2 more patients with H1N1 in ICU and told me another one, a man of 51 died of it last week. I am so very blessed to be alive. God is amazing... this continues to be an amazing journey.

After the hospital today we went to the SLC. It is Tuesday so there were over 100 people having lunch. As I came in, on my wheel chair, I got a standing ovation with many cheers... more tears... the outpouring of love was overwhelming. Just amazing to see such genuine friendship and love. It has been a blessed day. So now I only have oxygen when I need it. I had a lot of anxiety over the removal of the feeding tube so I feel GREAT today.... now that is all behind me.... thanks be to God. Oh how good it is to be alive... I fell like a different man... Jesus you ARE the healer - of this I have no doubt at all.

The trach surgeon said "you know you must have high connections", as he looked at the ceiling... referring to God. Today has been a deeply moving day.

God bless you all and again a huge thank you for your prayers.
Prayer works...

In the deepest love of our Lord Jesus Christ
Fr. Nigel+

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