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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Prayer Table report

Prayer Table report Saturday 5/22, 9 AM - 11:30 am Jerry Burrell Park, Hamilton Hill, Schenectady. Larry and Jerusha Hubert

There were many, many people there working on the grounds--planting flowers, cleaning up the sidewalks and planting trees. A large group of people were wearing "Project Skip" tee shirts. Even one group from Albany came. They "heard about" what was going on and wanted to help. We prayed for protection and asked God to bless them in their work there at the park

The Schenectady Police ( 2 men) were there, we felt a need to pray for them; for protection and a change of heart- for their job to be more than a job, we felt that they need to support the community and receive support from the community in their job to protect it.

+ Marva: she is a "praying woman" And she knows Christ Church and knew Lorraine she went to "Lorraine's home going" at Christ Church. We prayed for her feet- they hurt, she had an operation and it wasn't complete-

+ Marion: She knows Fr. Brad- she is working to take back the City and take back the Park

+ Molaine: she wanted prayer for "everything" we prayed for protection and thanked God for her giving to the neighborhood and the park.

A man pushing a shopping cart- he said he didn't want prayer but was open to us when we said we would pray for him as he went by; we had a sense he was fearful. We prayed for safety and protection.

A large group from "Skip" came by, we prayed for protection and Joy

+ Matthew came for prayer, he wasn't sure what he wanted prayer for, We prayed for protection and that the Lord would lead him

We felt a need to pray for all of the children there and all those who would come to the park, we prayed for protection for them and that the Lord would give them peace and joy

+ Fred: Prayers that he would continue to work with such conviction at the park and in the community, and in the neighborhood watch, (the organization just received an award for their work in Schenectady) we prayed for the Lord to Open closed doors and close the doors that needed to be closed. We thanked the Lord for his service to the City, and asked Him to continue to give him the resources for that work..

+ Tyrone, a young man who was helping to fix up the park, planting flowers- he showed us where he had been planting-he asked for prayer for protection and for the Lord to lead him to a closer relationship with him. and to help him reach out to the youth of the area.

+ + Debbie, she asked for a cross for her boyfriend Michael, who was working there at the park, also, she needed prayer for protection and clarity for her daily life, and for the Lord to supply all their needs. We also prayed that the Holy Spirit would flow through their lives. She came back later and told us that Michael "Loved" his cross.

+ Demon (was he at the CC Prayer Table too?) Young man excited to be able to serve the community, prayed for the Lord to continue to lead him. Give him more opportunities to serve the Lord and the community, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to move through his life and those around him, (It was exciting to see his enthusiasm about serving the Lord and the community).

+ Nathaniel, protection and for the Lord to continue to work powerfully in his life, to continue to give him new opportunities to serve Him, and to help him physically to continue to serve the Lord.

Jenna, came by with her daughter Reeilligh and two other young boys. We asked her if we could pray and she said she wasn't sure the boys' father would approve since he is Muslim, so we just prayed a blessing on them all (In Jesus'; name); they all seemed happy with that.

+ Steve; he stayed with us for a long time, He asked a lot about our church we invited him to our services, he asked for the Lord's provision in his life, he wants to continue at the City Mission,

+ Steve came back for prayer for his girlfriend's (Tabitha) grandmother, (Unknown name) who just died, for peace for family and that the grandmother was with the Lord we gave him a cross for his girlfriend; We also told him that the Lord receives people even at the very last moment of their lives. we also prayed that Tabitha would come to know the Lord.

+++ Three children came by, Marquez and 2 other around 11, 12 year olds. they all took crosses and we prayed a blessing on them all and thanked the Lord for their help. I told Marquez I knew another boy with his same name- he was very surprised there was anyone else with his name.

Someone asked if we would be back to pray there again, and we told him we would.

+ Michael, asked that we pray for him to do well in basketball, and for direction in his life.

Larry got he sense that there was an "awakening" of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the youth especially removing the scales from their eyes, opening their hearts to the His Spirit.


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