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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Don't stand aside when your brethren are in trouble...

Your help is REALLY NEEDED
There will be another work day at Grace Church Waterford this coming Saturday, October 1st starting at 9 a.m. The purpose is to help those in the community who were hit by the recent floods. Come and help out those in need.

Albany Intercessor

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Prayer Table in front of Grace Church, Waterford

Prayer Table in front of Grace Church, Waterford during work day for flood victims. 9/17/11. Intercessors, Table Two: Jean Bissell and Mtr. Rose Ann Felty from St. John's, Stockport. (Went from 9:30 to noon)
+--indicates received a wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina

+Linda. Had back surgery Aug.25, still lots of pain. She and husband Paul living in rectory because Living room. Roof in trailer fell in and main roof leaking. PTL no water damage and PTL lung cancer gone.

+Debby. Needs someone can trust to do lots of repairs, strength. Gave thanks for work in this church.

+Cindy. Needs energy for work to be done today and to teach Sunday School tomorrow (Kg-4-5th grades and for Faith Alive in Va. In two weeks.)

+Nancy. Flood destroyed bottom floor of house where son lives and roof leaks. She is Roman Catholic but knows this church.

Passer-by said No with smile.

Vanessa (Grace Ch. team) Lord said, "Go to the people".. She went house to house , with bleach and food and asked about needs. Lots of completely abandoned houses, looters going in and out. Her house had 6 ft. water outside her door but house clean and dry .

+ Cheryl. First floor flooded and whole yard. She lives on 2nd floor. Pray it will pass inspection so won't have to move.

+Bonnie (Member Grace Ch.) (went to Christ Ch. When Hy Bryant there and Myra a godmother to child. Going to school to get B. degree. Prayer for health issues and son going to Afghanistan in 2 wks for 6 mo. Prayer for Stephen's safety and her own fears.

++Barbara. Asked prayer for sister in law, Rose, dying with cancer.

++Rose. asked prayers for healing and that test results be good.

++ Tiffany (Christ Ch team) prayer for her mother's sore foot.

Man and woman passing by said "Yes" without stopping.

Man passing "No thank you".

Kathy prayers for parish and situation in town.

Intercessors, Table One: Torre Bissell and Linda Davis


Mary, Patti, Joshua -- prayers for Stacy who has bronchitis

++++Donna -- leg damaged in 2001, she was hit by a van. She took crosses for her friends.

+Jodi -- "Health" She is separated from her husband and has a 13 year old daughter.

+Cheryl -- She asked prayer for flood victims. She lives in a Section 8 apartment. It will be inspected this week. Pray she doesn't have to move.

David -- He asked prayer for his brother Brandon, his mom, and his step-daughter and her boy-friend in New York City.

+Amanda -- She is pregnant and due in two months. She asked prayer for her baby.
+Delina (Amanda's mom)

+Joe (young man) -- "That I will have a positive impact on another person."
+Chris (young man, served in the military 5 years) -- He asked prayer for our soldiers overseas and for fallen comrades.

+Mike (Postman new to route) -- He asked prayer that he could find all the correct mail boxes.


Woman passing by.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Emergency Prayer Request from Deacon Faye VanderMark

Emergency Prayer Request from Deacon Faye VanderMark

      Almost everyone is being evaluated from Sidney, Unadilla, Walton and other communities in New York because of renewed flooding from the incessant rain. Please pray for the rain to stop, for no more damage to property, injury to people, or loss of life. Pray that others will know how to assist them in their hour of trial.
Torre Bissell

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